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win-capture-audio v2.2.3-beta

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@bozbez bozbez released this 29 Jul 09:59

For OBS versions 27.2.4 and newer, on (an updated) Windows 10 2004 (released 2020-05-27) or later.
This is (as with previous releases) a beta release - use at your own risk.

  • Updates Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Persian and Ukranian translations.
  • Fixes properties window session list race condition and uses a single session monitor instance for all plugin sources (thanks @walker-WSH!).
  • Best-effort fix for the duplicated audio issue when using exclude capture (#126).
  • Minor improvements to the properties window session list.

Note: functionality similar to this plugin has been merged in this PR for inclusion in OBS 28.0. This support is equivalent to the v2.1.0-beta version of this plugin.

You may have to re-add your win-capture-audio sources if upgrading from a previous version.
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