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Please see the Changelog file for the latest changes
These files are related to the Brother KH-930E knitting machine, and other similar models.
=== NOTE ===
The emulator script was named, and the instructions in a lor of forums for using it have that name.
The script has been renamed, and is now simply
The files in the top directory are the ones used for the knitting project that Becky Stern and Limor Fried did:
The subdirectories contain the following:
* docs:
Documentation for the project, including the data file format information and
scans of old manuals which are hard to find.
* experimental:
Some never-tested code to talk to a Tandy PDD-1 or Brother disk drive.
* file-analysis:
Various scripts used to reverse-engineer the brother data format, as well as some spreadsheets used.
These may or may nor work, but may be useful for some.
* test-data:
A saved set of data from the PDDemulator, with dicumentation abotu what's saved in each memory location.
A good way to play with the file analysis tools, and may give some insight into the reverse engineering
* textconversion
The beginnings of work to convert text to a knittable banner.
The Brother knitting machines can save data to an external floppy disk drive, which connects to the machine using a serial cable.
These external floppy drives are difficult to find and expensive, and the physical format of the floppy disks is different than 3.25" PC drives.
The program PDDemulate acts like a floppy drive, and runs on linux machines, allowing you to save and restore data from the knitting machine.
Most of the formatting of the saved data files has been figured out, and the tools used to do that are also in this repository.
There is also an example of how to generate a text banner in a .png image file,
which may be useful to some.
The work that Steve Conklin did was based on earlier work by John R. Hogerhuis.
This extended by Becky and Limor and others, including Travis Goodspeed: