Small proxy between collectd and influxdb, written in NodeJS
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Small proxy between collectd and influxdb.

On collectd side, add following plugin

LoadPlugin "write_http"
<Plugin "write_http">
  <Node "example">
    URL ""
    Format "JSON"

Where is the listening point of your collectd-influxdb proxy.

To start the proxy

node proxy.js --influxdb_db mydb --influxdb_user myuser --influxdb_password mypassword

Where mydb, myuser and myspassword are connection parameter to Influxdb. By default, collectd-influxb-proxy assume influxdb is deployed on the same server.

Other collectd-influxdb-proxy :

node proxy.js [options]
options :
  --proxy_http_port port : proxy http port, default value 8079
  --proxy_http_address address : proxy http address, default value
  --influxdb_host : influxdb host, default value localhost
  --influxdb_port : influxdb port, default value 8086
  --influxdb_db : influxdb db
  --influxdb_user : influxdb user
  --influxdb_password : influxdb password
  --verbose : display metric name pushed into influxdb
  --help : this help

Note : only derive, gauge, and counter metrics from Collectd are processed, and are transmitted as is to Influxdb.