Remove fs.exists check for reopen #16

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When running multiple processes logging to the same file, when you send a USR2 signal to reopen, a race condition exists where the first process to receive the signal will reopen the file and then the others will continue to write to the old file handle.

This is because of the fs.exists check. Please remove it--thanks!

(p.s. I can submit a pull request if you like.)

@bpaquet bpaquet pushed a commit that closed this issue Oct 9, 2012
Matthew Ratzloff Fix #16 - Remove the fs.exists check for handling USR2 signals
When running multiple processes that are writing to the same log
(not clustered), there is a race condition where the first process
to handle the signal will reopen the file handle (creating the
file), and all other processes will ignore the request because the
file already exists.  This fixes that issue.
@bpaquet bpaquet closed this in e812463 Oct 9, 2012
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