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rancid: fail on error opening nvram:
rancid: skip ASA 5520 configuration author line
control_rancid: for svn stupidity, run update (yes update) and commit
after setting svn:ignore, else . is out of date.
rancid: filter auto "rogue ap" configuration - Kevin Nesbitt
alogin: adjust match of active alarms msg at login
jrancid: patch for master/backup matching on EX series - Sven Engelhardt
rancid: update cisco WAE identity string match - from Jim Hock
{xr}rancid: summarize DirSlotN() bytes free as GB, else MB.
rancid: filter sflog from DirSlotN() for IOS on cisco 10k
fnrancid: update recent fortinet software - Diego Ercolani
rancid: ignore show flash on IOS XE - Marcus Stoegbauer
rancid: copy the dhcp database filter to ShowFlash() - From Lee
clogin: Fix pasto in IOS terminal width command.
hlogin: -r missing from usage o/p - Per-Olof Olsson
clogin: add -r and passphrase/identfile from cloginrc - Per-Olof Olsson
francid: remove system uptime line on CER 3000 - Simon Leinen
alogin: respond to active alarms msg at login - Vincent Tamet
*rancid: update for grammar deprecated in perl 5.12
*login: handle noenable value consistently, '1' to turn it on
configure: look for -n <count> option to ping, for Windows ping (over
cygwin) - From Lee
rancid: missed case fpr accepting '>' prompt, rather than just '#'
xrrancid: filter sequences from ipv4/6 access-lists
zrancid: force terminal type vt100 so as not to confuse Linux
francid: filter system uptime on new Brocades - Matthias Cramer
rancid: filter ASA time-based license noise - Christopher DeRemer
rancid: filter command in WriteTerm if echoed - Arjan Oosting
configure: specifically look for ping in /sbin & /usr/sbin & fix typo
in test operator
rancid: handle a few IOS serial number formatting variants - Aaron Rees
hpuifilter: change filtering to avoid use of string functions due to a
Debian bug. Should be faster too.
rancid: adjust show inventory matches for variables WS - Aaron Rees
nxrancid: show environment clock and show core vdc-all are not valid
commands on all platforms - Ryan West
nrancid: fix serial number matching - Nathan Wallwork
nrancid: fix pager prompt filtering - Nathan Wallwork
rancid: remove sequences from IPv6 prefix-lists
clogin: adjust default ssh password prompt for ExtremeOS -
from Sylvain 74
rancid: Accept '>' prompt, rather than just '#'
avologin: fix ssh command substitution - Ben O'Hara
fnrancid: filter application signature, System Time & conf_file_ver=
from GetSystem/GetConf
mrvrancid: filter other oscillating info from show version - Ben O'Hara
xrrancid: disable timestamps - from Per Carlson
hlogin: implement -autoenable for newer hp procurve releases
cat5rancid: snmp community may have multiple spaces b/t community name
and permissions - from David Adam
cat5rancid: filter local user password - from David Adam
f5rancid: filter Failover time stamps - from Ben O'Hara
hlogin: Add support for ssh identity file & passphrase for newer boxes
rancid: split IOS-XR into its own device type: cisco-xr
clogin: set term width for catos like for ios.
rancid: parse admin show diag for XR better with a separate function
hlogin: hpuifilter got omitted from the ssh spawn; replace it.
nxrancid: match unknown command errors appropriately & GC some junk
carried-over from IOS-rancid.
rancid: check for device busy when opening flash fails, which seems to
occur on 6500s when some other command is run.
*login: support :port method syntax for ssh and adjust to allow spaces
in sshcmd
jrancid: fix return values of formatting functions
clogin: set terminal width so that o/p is consistent
rancid: filter some crud resulting from the change in handling non-empty
comment lines
rancid: fail if the configuration buffer fills
rancid: filter dhcp_[^[:space:].].txt from flash directories, so it
does not create constant changes resulting from the ip dhcp database
rancid: filter ldap host password on PIX
rancid: when compressing consecutive comment lines, only consider
empty lines.
arancid: handle password filter for HP 1:10Gb Ethernet Blade Switch
5.0.4-Base, running AOS - Tore Anderson
*login: add cloginrc timeout directive
nrancid: fix control number match - Guillaume RISCHARD
rancid: remove ASA coredump* filter - Cisco Bug CSCsz85597, fixed in
8.2(1.2), 8.3(0.0), 100.3(0.3)M
f5rancid: adjust fan rpm and config sync time filters for new f5
code - Ben O'Hara
rancid: ACE/SANOS report invalid input differently - Michael Stefaniuc
rancid: skip leading blank lines in config - Michael Stefaniuc
rancid: remove ASA keys such as tacacs and radius - Michael Stefaniuc
rancid: match non-space for usernames in "Written by" line - James Davis
*rancid: quote meta characters - from Jeremy Singletary
rancid: Fail on error msg "% Configuration buffer full" seen on 6500
rancid: Dont filter 'show vlan' on Catalyst 3550/4500s - Jon Lewis
import Arista script - from Bill Fenner
jerancid: fix for 'show environment all' for filtering with auto-sync
on BRASes - from Christophe Fonteyne
francid,flogin: edgeiron can not disable the pager and does not offer
some commands found on the bigirons
rancid: filter coredumpinfo/coredump.cfg found on ASA - rancid-discuss@
f5rancid: fileter HA peer status - from David Stipp
WTI scripts from Geert Jan de Groot with a few tweaks
jerancid: include standby slots in showversion o/p
lg: add code for LG_SINGLE config knob
clogin: run_commands() needs do_saveconfig
f10rancid: change fan status parsing to handle c300
nxrancid: collect license info; fix 'show env temp' & 'show
env power' parsing; drop unused code.
change zero-config check to avoid broken awks - from jim buchele
clogin: fix for Extreme prompt handling
nxrancid: delete Command: and Time: output
f5rancid: install the script and use the device type 'f5'
*login: accept -S for "save configuration if prompted"
*login: remove uppercase versions of lowercase options
tlogin: replace -debug with -d
nlogin: cloginrc method handling and login error path fixes
clogin: change "(enable)" and/or regex meta-char exscaping so that
catalyst logins work properly.
hlogin: run_commands exp_continueing when it shouldnt have
jerancid: summarize DirSlotN bytes to reduce diffs
rancid: catch aborted 'show diag' output on some 7300s.
Bug found by Paul Vlaar.
rancid: correct/add some filtering for ASA's more system:running-config
srancid: filter temperature sensor info for Dell 6428 stacks
hpuifilter: Filter \x07 (bell) from output, which the Cisco AGM suddenly
started inserting *sometimes*.
nxrancid: add "show version build-info". sort snmp-server user.
rancid: filter filesize and date of tracelogs dir on IOS-XE
rancid: summarize bytes free for IOS-XE like XR
nsrancid/nslogin: updates for netscalar version 8 - Marco Schirrmeister
f10rancid: updated support for all devices running FTOS: E-Series,
C-Series and S-Series - Greg Hankins
clogin: force10/SFTOS fixes for username & logout prompts - Doug Hughes
f10rancid: SFTOS config end marker has trailing space - Marcus
mrvrancid: support for the MRV fiber switch
rancid: collect GSR linecard route memory - Kritian Larsson
clogin: new CSS configuration change prompt syntax - Kritian Larsson
*login: add -- to other sends that take input from the user
*login: terminate send options with -- to avoid interpretation of -'s
in arguments - partly from Ric Anderson
nxrancid: add support for cisco Nexus boxes; use type cisco-nx
rancid: Skip "Cryptochecksum:" line on ASA, PIX, et al
hrancid: K.13 s/w changed cmd 'show system information' - Richard Golier
rancid: Spot yet another flash disk in show version output.
rancid: Some support for Cisco Nexus.
rancid: corrupted flash is not a rancid failure - from John Payne
rancid.spec: Linux spec file - blame Steve Snodgrass
rancid: changes for cisco SAN - from Mark Favas
clogin: escape regex grouping atom '()' in the catalyst prompt - From
Casey Deccio
flogin: handle strange characters like space in prompt w/ the method
from clogin for handling regex characters
francid: filter SSL secret - From Jethro Binks
francid: privlvl 5 does not allow write term, also run show
running-config - from Jethro Binks
*login: Return/exit non-zero if there are failures for any of the
devices on the cmd-line.
nslogin: password prompt change in newer code - from Derek Andree
hlogin: reformat the prompt matching in run_commands() like cisco, which
fixes -x and -c usage in configure mode.
avorancid: Avocent (Cyclades) module - from Stephen Griffin
f10rancid: updated support for all devices running FTOS: E-Series,
C-Series and S-Series - from Greg Hankins
jrancid: don't look for passwords in
system login class XX permissions []
jrancid: additional filter for M320
rancid: ignore author failure for some data that are collected by
different commands and succeeded the first time - from David Luyer
*login: add -d to enable expect's debugging
configure: make svn fs-type configurable with --with-svn=fstype
xrancid: Correct the $prompt regex mangling for XOS - from Tore Anderson
f10rancid: E-series support updated - loaner & clues from Greg Hankins
rancid: Convert disk/flash free space to MB (from bytes) for IOX/IOS XR
accept NO & YES for NOCOMMSTR in rancid.conf
Add ACLSORT configuration knob - mostly from Michael Stefaniuc
cat5rancid: permit missing CRLF on exit - Michael Stefaniuc
cat5rancid: skip show inventory for those without - Michael Stefaniuc
agmrancid: show diag can fail shortly after boot
rancid: radius/tacacs key filtering on old IOS - from Michael Stefaniuc
rancid: Add AS5xxx support from Andre van der Merwe.
Changes so the RANCID-CONTENT-TYPE is the same as the
documented entry in router.db.5 and the same as the call
in rancid-fe. These RANCID-CONTENT-TYPEs changed:
brancid from bay to baynet
cat5rancid from cisco-cat to cat5
cssrancid from cisco-css to css
erancid from adc-ezt3 to ezt3
fnrancid from Fortigate to fortigate
hrancid from hp-procurve to hp
jerancid from Juniper_ERX to erx
srancid from dell to smc
f5rancid: F5 BigIPs
srancid: SMC/Dell switch support - loaner from Randy Bush
*login: Set variables for do_login when both -e and -p/-v are specified
- reported by A Dudek
*login: recognize the environment variable CLOGINRC, see clogin(1)
agmrancid: Cisco AGM/Anomaly Guard Module
francid: drop fan speed o/p from show chassis - John Adams
clogin: match Cisco CSS's "save config?" prompt - Lance Vermilion
jrancid: include show system core-dumps - Michael Lyngbol
rancid: filter empty 'show inventory' fields - from Michael Stefaniuc
*login: If we timeout while trying to quit in run_commands(), close the
connection (ie: file descriptor/tty) gracefully. - from Ed
Ravin, adjusted to catch the close.
jrancid: Adapt M160 PCG freq rounding to new format - noted by Mark
rancid: collect flash size on the FWSM - from Aaron Gee-clough
francid: Fix temperature/show chassis filtering for newer Foundry boxes
- noted and tested by Gary Roberts
rancid: fix Cisco 3825,3845 show version parsing - Michael Stefaniuc
clogin/hlogin: use send -h for exit command - Michael Stefaniuc
clogin: Answer F10's "unsaved changes" logout prompt - Colin Corbett
f10rancid: "Current Conf" begins with ! in recent code - Colin Corbett
francid: sort intf "secure" MACs, order fluctuates - noted by Brad Volz
francid: filter temperature o/p on the SuperX - Brad Volz
convert rancid-fe vendor list to a hash - suggested by Ed Ravin.
rancid: new format for PIX 7.0 license string - Aaron Gee-clough
rancid: check for 7300 type of routers
clogin: older CatOS for 1900s has a CR after the pager prompt
clogin & xrancid: Extreme XOS prompt format changed - Tore Anderson
User a .cvsignore file to prevent non-cvs'd control files from appearing
in cvs update output.
rancid: include _ in IOS version strings
clogin: reduce the number of leading prompt characters used in
run_commands to accomodate change seen in cat6500
12.1(13)E14 - Charles Aresenault
hlogin: fix ssh hanging on press any key prompt - Ryan Mooney
rancid: more support for HFRs
nlogin: fix missing -re option for password matching - Jee Kay
lg: fix quoting of juniper command arguments - Richard Doty
rancid: also match _ in software image names - Stafford A. Rau
nrancid: fix config comment character & more filtering - Stoned Elipot
hlogin: look for the 'press any key' prompt after ssh authentication,
unlike telnet, where it appears before authentication.
hpuifilter: allocate a pty to interact with ssh/telnet, so that we
interact with ssh for the password exchange.
WARNING: repeated ssh login failures to HP Procurves cause the switch's
management interface to lock-up (this includes snmp, ping) and sometimes
it will crash. This is with the latest firmware; 5.33 at the time of
this writing.
*rancid: check hostname, or filename, before opening the output file.
rancid: better filtering of {tacacs,radius}-server - Patrick Adlam
rancid: better filtering of PIX pager prompt - Aaron Gee-clough
rancid: collect show debug - Ed Ravin
add subversion support - mostly from Justin Grote
clogin: support rsh method - partly from James Stahr
collect show inventory raw on rancid and cat5rancid
add -ko to cvs diff commands - Michael Shields
Add a MAILHEADERS configuration variable for user-defined mail headers
rancid: match HSRP group numbers greater than 1 char wide - Ed Ravin
nrancid: filter radius secrest - Jee Kay
*rancid: collapse the two command list definitions to an array of
hashrefs and build the lists from it - Ed Ravin
*login: ignore rsh on platforms that do not support it and on those
that do (eg: cisco), skip rsh for interactive and script (-s) logins.
add MAX_ROUNDS rancid.conf knob - Mardechai Abzug
control_rancid: fix adminmailrcpt default - Danny Thomas
rancid: correct handling of SNMPv3 host configs - Patrick Adlam
rancid: filter nv_hdr file seen on sup720 - Bill Ouchark
etc/ support DESTDIR - from Michael Shields
rancid: add IOX/CRS support.
hrancid: show stack does not apply to all procurves - Eugene Zagrebelny
flogin: older foundry o/s has misc spaces preceeding : in username
prompt - from mike ethridge
A better nlogin & nrancid for NetScreens - help from Stephen Gill
jerancid: case fluctuates in "active/standby" - from David Gethings
jerancid: filter "please wait" from config - from David Gethings
jerancid: filter consecutive periods at top of write term - mark cooper
jerancid: fix check for slave RE sync in DirSlotN - from Mark Lovely
rancid: collect 6500's sub-module info from show modules
jrancid: collect license info & RE Model. Don't collect
the license keys as this is only supported on the jseries
and running 'show system license keys' on other junipers
produces output from *two* commands - 'show system license'
AND 'show system licensekeys'.
rancid: erroneous space in shared-secret match - from Blaz Zupan
nrancid: fix missing brace - from David King
lgform: need strftime from POSIX - from Joao Frade
rancid: filter multiple-fs file - from Yuval Ben-Ari
cssrancid: make this parse the collected output properly
rancid: filter & sort IOS AP username passwords - noted by Stafford Rau
rancid: parse more variants of 'show diag' output.
jerancid: fail/retry if the RP is syncing to the backup - Dave Mack
clogin: cat 19k lacks a space in front of pager prompt - darren @ adam
nlogin: correct find(sshcmd) argument - from Samuele Giovanni Tonon
lg.cgi: allow :s in arguments for sub-interface from Richard Doty
jrancid: filter some more secrets
rancid: filter some more secrets
francid: bits for Mucho Grande - from Niels Bakker
add -- before (telnet|ssh) in call to hpuifilter so that any options
for telnet/ssh are not interpretted by hpuifilter
look for diff -U if diff -u fails in configure.
fix typo in nlogin that made cloginrc password lookups fail.
The following files have been moved to make rancid more
install/pkg/port/rpm friendly.
*** bin/env has been moved to etc/rancid.conf ***
*** bin/hpfilter has been renamed hpuifilter ***
*** util/lg/lg.conf has been moved to etc/lg.conf ***
*** util/lg/lg*.cgi have been moved to bin/lg*cgi ***
*** bin/create_cvs has been renamed rancid-cvs ***
*** bin/do-diffs has been renamed rancid-run ***
Note: existing configuration files are *NOT* copied/moved for you
bin/rename is no longer shipped with rancid
rancid.conf: add MAILDOMAIN knob - from David C.
clogin: allow the port to be specified for method ssh
jlogin: add cloginrc passphrase directive and order of precedence is
cmd-line -r value -> passphrase -> password
xrancid: do 'show diag' instead of 'show diagnostics' as the
longer version has sometimes timed out.
rancid: filter file vlan.dat from show flash on IOS switches
rancid: parse cisco 1760's DSP slot show diag output
francid: reorder listing of ports in a vlans - from Niels Bakker and
Steven Bakker
clogin: disable session logging w/ -c on catos - from Jason Ornstein
rancid: add Processor ID to save output
*login: handle TCL meta-characters in cloginrc directive values
francid: correctly parse modules in slots >= 10. from Niels Bakker
run cvs delete code even when router.db is empty.
Riverstone/Enterasys updates from Andrew Fort
rancid.conf: add LOGDIR variable - see rancid.conf(5)
rancid: add show spe version and parse FRU show diag output
- from Yuval Ben-Ari.
add option --enable-adminmail-plus to configure
jrancid: collect show chassis alarms
rancid: skip show vlan for (3550|4500|7600) - from Andrew Fort
rancid: collect 6500 slave sup bootflash - from Andrew Fort
rancid: show diag updates for 1700, 3700, etc - help from Michael Haba
The Extreme does not have an 'enable' level, so make sure
you have 'set autoenable' for it in your .cloginrc so clogin
will work.
add Cisco CSS support - from Wedge Martin
*login: add cloginrc sshcmd directive - idea from steve neighorn
rancid: IOS show version changes w/ 12.3 - from Yuval Ben-Ari
support for hitachi routers - from Mohacsi Janos
strip WS around router.db fields - from Alastair Galloway
add goveling of 2600 mainboard port adapter info
*login: also check LOGNAME for default username - from Fredrik Thulin
jerancid: add matches for "Please wait" to all functions -
reported by Dave Mack
fnrancid: Fortigate support - from D. Pfleger
nlogin: Fix prompt groveling when running a cluster - from D. Pfleger
nrancid: filter "set admin user" - from D. Pfleger
rancid: do both 'write term' and 'show running-config' and
keep the output from the first one that works. As cisco
phases out 'write term', this will keep things working.
jerancid: filter host ... ftp, encrypted passwords oscillate - reported
by Dave Mack.
rivlogin: add "User:" as a possible username prompt (u_prompt) for
some platforms - from Adam Rothschild
cat 3500 s/n and pix failover license - from Rob Evans
recognize cisco ContentEngine - from Rob Evans
Juniper ERX (jerancid) support, based on 5.0 - thanks to Dan Pfleger,
Richard Russman, Zaid, Mike Baker, and Mark Nguyen
rancid: drop the "suggested action" portion of GSR LC/RP ROM upgrade
warnings. Cisco keeps changing the format; it just is not worth the
study causes missed command somehow in redhat9 - from David King
filter port security mac entries, from Arnold Nipper
add Procket Networks support, "prancid"
filter ipsec keys in rancid & jrancid.
rancid: collect show idprom backplane (6500 cmd); this could collect
more - request from jared mauch
rancid: order all 'ip host' commands.
rancid: collect show rsp chassis-info
rancid: filter HSRP auth and SSA key-string reversable passwords
lg: set query/command list in lg.conf, thus allowing individual cmds
to {dis,en}abled, and add some multicast and ipv6 queries all of which
are disabled by default (for lack of testing) - from Janos Mohacsi
cat5rancid: collect 'write term all' for cats that support it - tested
by terry kennedy and joe rizzo
cat5rancid: regularize escaping of regex operators in switch prompt
nsrancid: include "get log setting", as suggested by gael canal.
add manpage note about log_user with -s, from mail list discussion
xrancid: Handle end of ssh connection a bit better.
jrancid: skip master/backup re msgs
*rancid: escape regex chars found in prompt
xrancid: also collect 'show configuration detail'
hlogin: allow the port to be specified for method ssh and
add path to hlogin to env(PATH) for locating hpfilter
hpfilter: allow >2 arguments so that telnet port number can be passed.
rancid: gsr RP slot warning is only 1 line - Russell Heilling
add zrancid to handle zebra routing s/w
add riverstone support - from Jim Meehan. thanks to Hong Luo for
access to a riverstone to test. Kevin Chan reports that this works
for Cabletron routers with more recent s/w (~v9.0.3).
jrancid: fix handling of reversible keys such that trailing text is
not removed
rancid: slave/redundancy stuff - from stephen griffin
rancid: show version bootstrap format changed in 12.0(23)S
rancid: make sure we filter PIX pager prompts
xrancid: make xrancid work when the extreme has pending changes.
netscaler support - from Anshuman Kanwar.
netscreen firewall support - from Stephen Gill
rancid: include additional cpu info from show version in !CPU: line.
lucent tnt support - from Richard Vander Reyden
rancid: skip consecutive comment lines. on some access servers the
number of comment lines oscillate.
lg.conf: add LG_STYLE variable for style sheet - from Janos Mohacsi
also install the FAQ - good idea from Janos Mohacsi's freshport
rancid: filter 'cable shared-secret'
*login: fix handling of userprompt et al so that {}'s are used in
.cloginrc as they are with every other .cloginrc directive.
f10rancid: Fix to pick up new info in show version output.
jrancid: Ignore Timecounter "TSC" in show system boot-messages output.
rancid: filter tty line speed when configured for auto-configure
flogin: bring login() and do_enable() in-line with [cj]login. also
match "telnet server disabled" - from brad volz.
control_rancid: report devices added to router.db - from Fredrik Thulin
also eliminate empty up/down lists.
rancid/jrancid: filter isis passwords - partial from Janos Mohacsi
lg: make o/p from the lg stream (unbuffered), so one doesnt have
to wait for entire o/p from the router in a failing traceroute, for
example. suggestion and clues from alexander koch. while here, fix
cache handling so 1) it doesnt cache cmds that resulted in an error or
otherwise failed and 2) log and run the cmd as normal if there are
problems opening a cache file.
lg: make logging more consistent. log as defined by LG_LOG if
possible and stderr as last resort. it was logging largely to stderr.
and make exit-code small (instead of 255); some wait()s only look at
the first 3 bits
lg: add check in lg.cgi that router name appears in the router.db
and is thus accessible. from richard doty. also fix-up a few
comments and such.
rancid: GSR LC PCA h/w revision now called "design release" on
some platforms. CSCdw13295
add util/getipacctg example script - contrib from steve neighorn
rancid: npe400 cpu eeprom info o/p format changed in 12.0.21S1 -
spotted by tom campbell
fix problem in *login where if there was a login failure we would try
to disconnect gracefully (albeit incorrectly). writing to the
half-closed socket would not return an error (at least on some
platform/expect combinations or even consistently) and expect would
add device name to diff mail subject when -r is specified
add -m <mail rcpt> option to do-diffs and control_rancid to allow
specific mail recipient. intended for use with -r to trigger diffs
off specific events.
router.db(5): note that PIX is a 'cisco' - thank kris gulka
*login: match openssh prompt for host key to ip key mismatch
rancid: add disk/slot2
rancid: 12.2 show c7200 o/p for midplane changed
lg: use table inet.0 terse for sh ip route on juniper instead of
forwarding-table destination
rancid: 12.0S(21) added "FRU" field in show diagbus output.
Also look for a couple more things in some show diag output
and sort the output a bit better. Also look for 'controler'
(cisco can't always spell - thanks to Terry Kennedy for
spotting the misspelling).
lg: filter ["`'] from args
rancid: fix username secret filtering
alogin: misplaced brace caused improper return from proc login
relax the check ping and traceroute check of hostname arguments such
that non-fqdn hosts are allowed. i.e.: just check that arg chars are
valid dns chars and leave the resolve errors to the router.
Add initial support for Force10.
rancid: filter vpdn passwords on PIX - from eric greenwood
*rancid: handle variable amounts of spaces in front of
' password' correctly.
rancid: remove key from "crypto isakmp key".
*login: cleanup login() to be more generic and handle openssh password
clogin: fix clogin -x for config mode by adjusting the prompt regex
lg.conf: add LG_INFO to append local information to the main form
{cat5}rancid: add dir of sup-{bootflash,microcode} for 6500
*rancid: print $host before "missed cmds", "unexpected command",
and "End of run" messages.
cat5 module type match failed when user module name contained spaces
add FILTER_PWDS switch to env(5)
add merit MRTd support
add -r <device> option to do-diffs and control_rancid
brancid: handle []'s in bay prompts and drop lock-address from config
- from mark cooper
extreme: strip password if config|configure. Strip ^M
right after ssh key.
Look for BOOTLDR: on ciscos.
add par.1 manpage
allow a TCP port suffix to telnet in .cloginrc - from Alex Bochannek
Fixed RANCID-CONTENT-TYPE to be more consistant. Changes are
brancid bay
cat5rancid cisco-cat
erancid adc-ezt3
jlogin should not look for username@router in .cloginrc
filter foundry ssh private key
filter '#Time" from catalyst 4 write term
display platform specific command in lookingglass results - patch
from Janos Mohacsi
add support for HP procurve switches, in particular 2524M and 4108gl.
thanks to hp for the loaners.
filter encrypted passwords on alteon as the change for each display
More support for Redbacks.
rancid now looks for "[kK] bytes" and "slot|disk".
clogin now looks for "login:" as well as "Login:" and
escapes "[]" in $prompt.
add PAR_COUNT variable to bin/env for adjusting the number of
simultaneous collections. see bin/env (or bin/ for those with
previous installation) and the env(5) manpage.
more work on extreme switch bits + fixes from Alex Bochannek.
jlogin: add 1s sleeps to avoid passwords being echo'd before tty noecho
is set. richard doty
few looking glass fixes
brancid: filter uptime and add -all option to config for bayrs version
14. from mordechai abzug
jrancid: m160 measured chassis clock MHz fluctuates, trim the
decimal places. from Mark A Gebert.
par: -x fix for log file monitoring killing xterms. from rdrake.
brancid: patch to filter community strings from Mark Cooper
do-diffs: trap'ing SEGV (11) causes error on solaris.
baynetworks/nortel support from Mark Cooper. thanks mark!
jlogin was overloading -p's variable causing proc login to fail on 2nd
router on cmd-line
fix regex error in clogin affecting catalysts
clogin attempts to grope entire prompt after login
*login need to catch{} -x cmd file open so expect doesnt puke if
there is an error opening the file
add extreme switch bits
cisco changed the o/p fmt of h/w info on the 65xx in 12.1.8e
PIX520 supplies different more(1) prompt than others. from William R
fix typo in jlogin. from richard doty.
add 2 example expect script for clogin -s
handle foundrys and more juniper bits in the lookingglass
add LG_STRIP knob to strip login o/p in the lookingglass
add LG_BGP_RT knob to {dis}allow heavy o/p sh ip bgp neighbor LG cmds
bin/clogin shouldnt insist upon an enable password with -noenable option
bin/rancid changes for cisco 124xx
some serial controllers (PAs) have predefined cable-type in show
controllers. M8T-V.35 was being missed.
modify jlogin to grope the full prompt after login such that -x
can be used within configuration mode. note: this turns $prompt into
a regexp, WRT -s scripts and -re option for expect's.
add -Evar=x option to pass variables to scripts. e.g.:
clogin -Evariable=something router...
clogin -Evariable=a,b,c [i.e.: an array/list which user splits]
fix jlogin's password/userpassword functionality which broke when
cmd-line options were made consistent.
add check for config/* files missing from the cvs repository.
add 2 juniper config checks to avoid truncation. 1) config should
have at least 1 "section" amounting to at least 3 lines and 2) if
a mgd version mismatch exists, there may be inaccuracies.
convert usage of Mail to sendmail for portability. local .mailrc
aliases can no longer be used.
bin/alogin and changes (of beta quality) for Alteon WebOS switch
from andrew fort.
Check for more types of cisco 12000s. Also check for 2600s.
jrancid's show chassis hardware needs detail arg in junos 4.4
make *login print \n before errors, so rancid can use an anchored
match to find login errors and avoid such matches in router o/p.
make *login automatically add host keys with openssh's prompting
All routers not listed as 'up' in router.db are considered down.
This allows values other than down to mean 'not up'. for use
by util/downreport.
Change default umask to 027 (it was 007) mainly as an
attempt to stop people from changing stuff in rancid's CVS
store. Only rancid should be updating its CVS store.
control_rancid cvs updates router.db before starting a
group's collection.
configure now has a --enable-mail-plus option to have rancid
send mail to rancid+$GROUP instead of to rancd-$GROUP.
Patch from
configure should figure out diff options on it's own.
try to get default user from env() and catch exec on id in *login
make clean/distclean was missing some files
make sure do-diffs cleans up after itself if it exits prematurely
ignore case when cvs delete'g removed routers
francid/rrancid (foundry/redback) now strip snmp communities like
the others, via NOCOMMSTR var in bin/env.
add man pages
collect 'sh vlan' on cat 6000 -
Add 'show vtp status' for the 3500XLs as well.
Escape regex meta-chars found in device prompts in *rancid
Add "include" directive to include other pwd files via .cloginrc
Add "show port ifindex" for the cat5s.
Try to detect flash being busy on a cat5.
Tag each config file with its 'type'. E.g.:
fix from to lg.cgi to allow prefix-list
with numerals.
fix lg form's formatting (on some browsers/conditions). Thanks to for the html help.
add looking glass utility based on Ed Kern's original source. Thanks
to Ed for permission to include it with rancid. this is only partially
fixed expect foo in *login when .cloginrc is unreadable.
Don't sort 'ip name-server' - order matters.
Better formatting for cisco catalyst [non-ios] switches.
Better support the cisco 3500 switches.
Get some info out of "show version" for the cat5ks.
cat5k "show boot" does variables, not bootflash.
Skip more goo from 'write term' on some cat5ks.
Collect 'show module' for 6500-ios.
Revamp *login's use of .cloginrc's method directive. see
Add bits for Cisco PIX. Thanks to joe rizzo@EA for access to a PIX.
Sort usernames on ciscos.
Get more info out of "show diag" on the GSR.
Add "show chassis sfm detail" for the M160.
Leave router type in place when telling about changes to
Add autoconf (configure) and makefile bits to automate install
and perl/expect replacement
Add "dir nvram:" to rancid.
Add support for ADC EZ T3 mux. adapted from's
strip (try to) snmp community strings from cisco and juniper configs
if environment variable NOCOMMSTR is set.
merge's support for cisco 2900xl into rancid
Ignore "fan spinning at" noise on junipers.
sync command-line option between clogin / jlogin. jlogin modified:
-x passphrase -> -r passphrase
-> -x command-file
-e encrypt type -> -y ssh_chyper_type
add .cloginrc noenable directive to set the cmd-line -noenable
add .cloginrc userprompt, passprompt, and enableprompt directives
to adjust expected cisco router prompts in clogin.
see README for info on web interface to rancid CVS repository.
Try to detect hung rancid jobs & send email.
Add (partial) support for the cat5s. Still need more work
on the show output, but it does grab the config.
Skip the juniper's kernel version, memory, and fsck output
of "show system boot-messages" - fsck output changes every
time you boot and the version & memory is better found
Delete the cisco ospf authentication and ftp passwords.
Get both (juniper) show chassis ssb and scb but only process
them once.
Get info from show diag for 2600s as well.
Catch juniper "command is not valid on the olive" errors.
Catch juniper config mismatch between versions of JUNOS.
Catch close on EOF in clogin/jlogin/flogin.
Don't expand RCS keywords in config files.
Catch the case were rancid gets and error and leaves an
empty new config file.
Make the time to elapse before complaining about unreachable
routers be configurable instead of fixed at 24 hrs. The
default is now 4 hours.
Add -x passphrase to jlogin.
You can now set a ssh identity file in .cloginrc for use
with jlogin.
Handle more errors in jrancid. Also handle changes for
JUNOS 4.0 and collect "show system boot-messages" output.
rancid now recognizes cisco 12016s and more types of 7200s.
It also looks for WARNING messages in show version.
And sort ip explicit-paths.
sort cisco route-maps
added (crude) foundry switch bits
reworked code to reduce jumps. improvement in speed/cpu util.
add bits to cvs delete configs which have been removed from
a group's router.db.
add support for redback. modified from contrib by
add support for ssh in clogin
modify format of the admin up/down/delete'd msgs.
add NOPIPE bin/env var
order ARP lists in cisco configs
update comments re: mail aliases in bin/env
add more info/clarification to README for install.
add more info/clarification to README for install.
rename .cloginrc.sample -> cloginrc.sample.
clogin patch (courtesy stephen stuart); does two things:
- adds a "-x" switch that takes lines from a file and does the same
thing as if you'd specified ;-separated commands with -c (newline
separates commands). thanks to stephen stuart.
- does a subst on commands in run_commands so that expansion of
escapes is performed; e.g. you can say "copy rcp://blah slot0:\r" to
answer the question that comes after the copy command.