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Rancid 2.3 introduces a new directory layout. It has been changed to more
closely follow the standard path hierarchy, which is defined by the FHS
standard and autoconf, and/or make these locations more easily configurable
within rancid.
The obvious advantage of this is making rancid more easily packagable; i.e.:
NetBSD pkgsrc, FreeBSD port, Linux RPM, etc.
Make sure your rancid repository is quiet before upgrading; disable rancid
cron jobs, wait for running jobs to complete, etc.
Autoconf defines the following (see configure --help):
Installation directories:
--prefix=PREFIX install architecture-independent files in PREFIX
--exec-prefix=EPREFIX install architecture-dependent files in EPREFIX
Fine tuning of the installation directories:
--bindir=DIR user executables [EPREFIX/bin]
--sbindir=DIR system admin executables [EPREFIX/sbin]
--libexecdir=DIR program executables [EPREFIX/libexec]
--datadir=DIR read-only architecture-independent data [PREFIX/share]
--sysconfdir=DIR read-only single-machine data [PREFIX/etc]
--localstatedir=DIR modifiable single-machine data [PREFIX/var]
--mandir=DIR man documentation [PREFIX/man]
Also defined, though not mentioned above, is:
pkgdatadir same as datadir, but datadir/rancid
File and directory movement:
bin/env the rancid configuration file has moved to
util/lg/lg.conf the looking glass configuration has moved to
util/lg/lgform.cgi the looking glass CGI scripts have moved to bindir
util/lg/* the remainder of looking glass html, README, etc
files have moved to pkgdatadir
util/* misc examples, scripts, etc have moved to pkgdatadir
cloginrc.sample moved to pkgdatadir
For those upgrading, there is one basic choice to make; to move your CVS
repository and logs or not. Prior to rancid 2.3, these were placed in
<PREFIX>. They are now in "localstatedir". The user who runs rancid will
need write access to this directory.
To maintain the same location as was used prior to rancid 2.3, provide
the --localstatedir option to configure. e.g.:
./configure --localstatedir=/usr/local/rancid
/usr/local/rancid is, and has been, the default <PREFIX>.
To move them elsewhere, accept the default (e.g.: /usr/local/rancid/var) or
specify your own and move the existing directories. e.g.:
./configure --localstatedir=/var/rancid
make install
edit <SYSCONFDIR>/rancid.conf # merge with your old bin/env
# configuration file
mv /usr/local/rancid/logs /var/rancid
mv /usr/local/rancid/CVS /var/rancid
cd /var/rancid
su - rancid_user
. <SYSCONFDIR>/rancid.conf
for grp in $LIST_OF_GROUPS; do
cvs -d /var/rancid/CVS co $grp
Note that the first rancid-run will send messages about routers being added,
marked up or down, etc., because the routers.{all,down,up} will have been
lost. Afterward, it will be back to normal.
Note also that any non-rancid files that may have been placed in these CVS
trees will be lost. You have been warned.
*** We strongly suggest that if a DIR used as the install prefix, as in
--prefix=DIR, is not dedicated to rancid that "/rancid" should be
appended to the --localstatedir, as in the example above.
Note that not all operating systems have a mv command that will move
directories across file systems. It may be necessary to use 'cp -r' or
'tar cf - <GROUPS> | (cd <SYSCONFDIR>; tar xpf -)'.