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WARP, the Wonderful Application Runtime Packager

Click here for full documentation.

You are in love with ruby, but deploying in production is a hell :

  • Must install GCC and developement dependencies to compile gems
  • Must compile ruby when you are using RVM or rbenv
  • Running bundle install is very slow

If you want to avoid that, WARP is do for you !

You are in love with NodeJS, and you have the same problems :

  • Must install GCC to compile NodesJS and modules
  • Have to wait for NodeJS compilation
  • Have to wait for module download and compilation

If you want to avoid that, WARP is do for you !

Another cool feature offered by WARP : you want to use tools such as Chef for your environement management or install softs like Redmine on your server, but

  • you do not want to install GCC to compile Ruby and gems
  • you do not want a ruby installed in your system neither a gem command as root
  • you want to be able to uninstall chef and all related chef features with one command line : rm

WARP allow you to package a self sufficient package for tools such as Chef and Redmine.

How it works :

  • use Warp on your Continuous Integration Server to create binary packages, containing ruby binary version, gemsets, node binary version, nodes modules ...
  • expose these packages in a HTTP server
  • run WARP in your production server : WARP will download binary packages and install them for you at the rigth place !

That's all.

In Ruby world, WARP is designed to work in collaboration with