Simple File Upload with Progress Bar using Amazon S3 in Rails 4.2
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Step 1 - Configure S3 for CORS

  1. Create an Amazon S3 Bucket

  2. Click on Properties -> Permissions -> Edit CORS

  3. Enter a CORS configuration, such as the following. For security purposes you should restrict the origin further.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <CORSConfiguration xmlns="">

Step 2 - Set your AWS Keys and bucket

The application can be configured via the following environment variables.

  • export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID='your aws acccess key id'
  • export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY='your aws secret access key'
  • export AWS_S3_BUCKET=''

General Flow

This project uses client-side JavaScript and server-side Ruby. In general, the completed file-upload process follows these steps:

  1. A file is selected for upload by the user in their web browser;
  2. JavaScript is then responsible for making a request to your web application, which produces a temporary signature with which to sign the upload request;
  3. The temporary signed request is returned to the browser in JSON format;
  4. JavaScript then uploads the file directly to Amazon S3 using the signed request supplied by your Rails application.

Code overview

The application flow is as follows:

  1. [Client] When the user chooses a file, a callback (defined in app/assets/javascripts/products.js) contacts the server to request a signed URL that can be used for uploading to S3.
  2. [Server] AWSController generates a signed URL according to and returns it using a JSON hash.
  3. [Client] The uploadToS3 function (defined in app/assets/javascripts/cors.js), takes the signed URL and the file, and PUTs the file onto S3.
  4. [Client] Once the upload is finished, the URL of the uploaded file is appended to the form as a hidden field.
  5. [Client] When the user submits the form, the file field is removed (to avoid uploading the file again). Name, price and the file URL are POSTed to the server.
  6. [Server] A new product record is created.

The most important files are are:

  • app/controllers/aws_controller - Given a filename and content type, returns a JSON of the form:

      "put_url": "The *signed* URL that must be used to make the request from the client side]",
      "file_url": "The url the file will be uploaded to. A random number is appended to the file name to avoid name collisions."
  • app/assets/javascripts/cors.js - Performs the actual upload using an XMLHttpRequest. Required the signed URL, and the file to perform the request.

  • app/assets/javascripts/products.js - Handles UI callbacks, such as updating the progress bar. Also handles the file-upload callback. When the user chooses a file, the server is contacted to generate a signed URL, which is then passed to the CORS script described above to complete the upload.