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Article Publishing project.(Using .net core Mvc)
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Article Publishing

This is an Asp .Net Core Mvc Project. I developed using code first technique in EntityFramework and i used some features of Bootstrap, Css, Javascript and Ajax.

In this project, There are four type of user that can use properties of system. These are visitors,registered users, admins and superadmin.

Visitors: They just read articles, and can register to system.

Registered users: They can read articles, write articles, add comment, add favourite any article, like articles, complaint the articles, edit their information, delete article, delete account etc.

Admins: They can use all system properties like user, in addition they can read complaint and ban users and articles.

Super admin can use all system properties like admin and user, in addition they can add and remove admin.

After register system, if you enter real mail adress you will recieve an email about your register information. I will continue to develop project in next days.

You can check the project from here. But it may old version, becouse i will countinue to add new features.

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