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Chrome Extension for Development/Testing/Exploring GraphQL Servers
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GraphiQL Feen


Build: CircleCI

This is a Chrome Extension that allows you to explore and test GraphQL endpoints. It utilizes the Popular GraphiQL component.


  • Save Queries/Variables and load them on demand
  • Add/Replace headers in HTTP requests
    • Required for appropriate CORS checking (specify the correct Origin: header for your request)
    • Override Cookies if necessary.
    • Only adds/replaces for the graphql Tabs requests.
  • Import/Export your programs state so you can reload if necessary.
    • Currently JSON format uses transit-immutables to serialize/deserialize the Immutable program state.
    • 1.0.0 transitions us to Seamless Immutable, so you can export and easily edit your JSON state files and reimport


  • Elevated permissions are required for header modifications -- Soon to be optional.

Getting started

Production build

npm run build

In chrome extensions use load unpacked extension and point it to the build directory.

Development build

npm run dev

This build allows your extension to be loaded with the webpack hotloader. In chrome extensions use load unpacked extension and point it to the dev directory. CSS/Etc will automatically be loaded when changed for the graphiql page. If you change the background.* pages or the plugin manifst you need to reload your plugin manually in chrome extensions.

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