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Leanpub uses a specific flavor of Markdown. As much as possible, this book is written using GitHub-Flavored Markdown to improve rendering on GitHub and elsewhere, while staying compatible with Leanpub.
The only exceptions are info, tip, warning and error text boxes defined with `I>`, `T>`, `W>` and `E>` instead of the classic `>` syntax. Read the [Leanpub documentation]( for more details.
## Translation guidelines
Not everyone speaks English. You are very welcome to translate this book into your own language. All translations are published under a common [GitHub organization]( Please note that the original copyright and [license](LICENSE) still apply, so commercial use of any translated material is prohibited.
### Contributing to an existing language
Ask to join a translation team in the organization or create an issue in the translated repository, mentioning @bpesquet in the issue's body. I will add you to the team.
### Starting a new translation
Create an issue in this repository to define your target language, mentioning @bpesquet in the issue's body. I will create the corresponding repo and a new translation team, then add you to it. You might rename the repository and edit its description to your liking, but please keep the original copyright and license.

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