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API and command line for bibliography managers (Mendeley, Papers 3 and Zotero)
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The goal of this project is to create a common interface to the different bibliography managers, allowing to easily import bibliographies from Mendeley, Papers 3, or Zotero. One of the main objective is to switch as easily as possible from one to the other.

Please see below for the status of the different importers and exporters.

Current conversions

Supported Inputs


What is imported:

  • title
  • year
  • authors
  • conference/journal title
  • keywords
  • note
  • volume
  • pages
  • DOI
  • PDF and their annotations
  • collections (folders)

Papers 3 (unknown status)

The code has not been updated for a while, so it might or might not work

Zotero 5

Basic support (to retrieve papers)

Supported output

Annotated PDF using PyPDF2

Zotero RDF

Zotero RDF export is functional. I advice you test it by using a test profile in Zotero, to check first if everything is going well, before importing it in your main library. Supported fields:

  • title
  • conference/journal title
  • authors
  • DOI
  • volume
  • number
  • pages
  • keywords (tags)
  • notes
  • collections


Export Mendeley to Zotero-RDF with annotated PDFs

python3  -m biblioruler export mendeley zotero_rdf <basename> --exporter-annotate

where basename is the name the folder where PDF will be stored, and also the basename of the RDF file basename.rdf.


The underlying model for references is the PURL schema

Other resources:

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