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bpkg is a lightweight bash package manager. This repository contains the source code of it's homepage.



This website was made with the Jekyll engine, so it depends on a few Ruby Gems. To install them, run the following command.

$ gem install jekyll

It might take a while to finish, but once it does you're ready to go.

How to edit

To make changes to the page or run it locally, clone this GitHub repository and make sure you have installed the dependencies above.

Then, it's a matter of editing pages and running rake tasks. Here's a rundown of possible commands (thanks to this great quickstart on Jekyll):

$ rake preview

Builds the entire site to a local folder _site and launches a webserver to preview it.

To see the full site, point your browser to localhost:40000.

If you make any changes on any files, it will regenerate the website automatically.

$ rake post title="Hello, World!"

Creates a new post. It will create a file _posts/, where the date is the current, by default.

No further changes are required, the post will get automatically inserted on the site.

$ rake page name="about"

Creates a new page. It will create the file ./about/index.html.

$ rake page name="about.html"

Alternative way to create a new page, on this case it will be ./about.html.


  • When producing content (writing pages/posts) keep in mind this useful guide. It tells how to include images, display post excerpts and highlight code snippets.
  • If you plan on further customizing the blog, it's highly recommended to read this 10-minute introduction to Jekyll.
  • If you change settings on the file _config.yml, automatic regeneration won't work - you'll have to run the command rake preview again.


This site uses Jekyll Bootstrap with a heavily customized version of the_program theme, originally made by Yuya Saito.


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