Crustacean Farm - Ludum Dare 29 jam entry
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Crustacean Farm - A game made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare #29

Play Now, mirror

Ludum Dare #29 Entry Page


1-8 number keys - push up a resource block

A/D, Left/Right, move mouse to edges - move back and forth

Your goal is to get the surface dwellers off the planet. Help them achieve this goal by raising resources through the planet for them to harvest.

The faith of the surface dwellers is required in order to create new resources. You push the resources up to the people on the surface, and they will use them to create the structures they need to be able to get off the planet.

A few other notes:

Different types of blocks require different amounts of faith, so if a block is grayed out wait until you've built up enough faith to push it up. You can push up dirt if you just want to get an existing block up to the top layer cheaply. The surface dwellers won't harvest a resource if they don't have space for it, if it looks like they don't know what to do, push more block types up.

** Winning requires refined resources: fuel, circuits, and steel **

Meteors will crash occasionally which provides the meteor resource when harvested. Factories can turn Gold into Circuits, Iron into Steel, and Meteors into Fuel. A Temple will slowly turn grapes into Faith.

======================================================== Team:

Doug Graham, Brian Ploeckelman, Brian Rossman, Ian McNamara, Colin Kennedy, John Hoopes, Jason Ploeckelman

======================================================== Asset Sources:

Art: Surface dweller sprites: Resource icons: Some user interface: (all other art done by team members)

Music: Jason Ploeckelman

Sound effects from usernames Benboncan, j1987, nfrae, reinsamba, moonfisher, uagadugu, sonsdebarcelona, Bekir_VirtualDJ, CosmicD, stevelalonde, dheming, jobro