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Fix controller generator for ruby 1.9 hash syntax routes #51

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As already mentioned in #44 I encountered problems with the new_controller generator when using the new hash syntax (Ruby >= 1.9). I took a look at the generator code and found the problems origin. It´s this regular expression: /api_version.*:module\s*(=>|:)\s*("|')#{module_name_for_route(module_name)}("|')/ in

I added a ? in between the : and module to make the colon optional.

Ruby < 1.9:

api_version(:module => 'v1', :header => 'Accept', :value => 'application/; version=1') do


Ruby >= 1.9:

api_version(module: 'v1', header: 'Accept', value: 'application/; version=1') do


Do you want me to add specs for that? If yes, do you have a suggestions to do it without introducing a lot of duplicated code?


@tombu #44 was due to an incompatibility with module name cases introduced in the Rails inflector in Rails 4. What specific error are you getting due to the new hash syntax? (And while we're at it, have you had a chance to try the fix for #44 yet? I'd really like to release that fix, but want a second person to verify it fixes the case problem for them in Rails 4).

Let me know what error you're getting due to the hash syntax so I have some context for the PR above. Thanks!


When I use the generator like this:
$ rails g versionist:new_controller foos V1

I get the following output:

      create  app/controllers/v1/foos_controller.rb
/Users/Thommy/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p0/bundler/gems/versionist-18602b9eabd1/lib/generators/versionist/new_controller/new_controller_generator.rb:19:in `block in new_controller': API version doesn't exist in config/routes.rb. Please run 'rails generate versionist:new_api_version' generator first (RuntimeError)

This error led me to the regular expression I mentioned above.


@tombu ah ha, I see the issue now, thanks. This same problem exists in the copy_api_version generator as well. I'll merge your change in and add specs and fix the other generator as well. Stay tuned....


Nice, thanks. I haven´t used the copy_api_version generator yet hence I didn´t recognize the issue there. Thanks for your help. I appreciate your work!

@bploetz bploetz referenced this pull request from a commit
Brian Ploetz Issue #51: Add fix to copy_api_version generator and add specs 7905a16

versionist 1.2.1 has this fix. Thanks again.

@bploetz bploetz closed this
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2  lib/generators/versionist/new_controller/new_controller_generator.rb
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ def new_controller
raise "API module namespace #{module_name} doesn't exist. Please run \'rails generate versionist:new_api_version\' generator first" if !File.exists?("app/controllers/#{module_name_for_path(module_name)}")
template 'new_controller.rb', File.join("app", "controllers", "#{module_name_for_path(module_name)}", "#{file_name}_controller.rb")
- api_version_block = /api_version.*:module\s*(=>|:)\s*("|')#{module_name_for_route(module_name)}("|')/
+ api_version_block = /api_version.*:?module\s*(=>|:)\s*("|')#{module_name_for_route(module_name)}("|')/
new_route = " resources :#{file_name}\n"
matching_version_blocks = File.readlines("config/routes.rb").grep(api_version_block)
if matching_version_blocks.empty?
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