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Vendoring Projects and Packages

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In the course of developing a project it may become useful to embed a custom version of a package into your project. This is especially true when you're hacking on another package or the package hasn't yet been released to To vendor a package within your project, just create a vendor directory and copy (or symlink) the package into that directory. Next time you run bpm add it will tell you that it is using a local version of that package.

In some circumstances you may have a group of packages that are already vendored in another project. In this case, you can actually copy the entire project directory into your vendor directory. A good example of when you might want to do this is with SproutCore 2. SC2 is actually a group of separate packages and the SC2 repo is actually a BPM project that contains the separate packages.

NOTE: You can also use the packages directory instead of vendor. SC2 currently does this, though that may change in a future release.

An example vendor directory:

  +-(other app files)
    | +-sproutcore20.json
    | +-(other project files)
    | +-packages
    |   +-sproutcore-datetime
    |   +-sproutcore-handlebars
    |   +-(other packages)
      +-(other package files)
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