BPM Console for jBPM, Riftsaw and DroolsFlow
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The server module needs to be deployed on a running jboss instance, 
along with a process engine that provides an implementation of the integration layer.
See http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/BPMConsoleReference for further explanations.

Build console

But the basics steps to get going are as follows:

1) Build the top level module

	mvn clean install

2) Make sure both process engine and the server module are installed on JBoss AS instance

3) Boot the AS and start the gwt console in hosted mode

	See gui/war/README.txt for further information 

Publish console artifacts
1) runing following commands for RiftSaw artifacts
  mvn clean deploy -Dconsole.profile=riftsaw
2) running following command for jBPM artifacts
  mvn clean deploy -Dconsole.profile=jbpm


Please post any questions to the gwt-console developer forum.

Have fun.