A offline modeler for BPMN 2.0 diagrams based on bpmn-js
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bpmn-io-chrome app

This is a offline modeler for BPMN 2.0 diagrams based on bpmn-js.

screenshot of the bpmn-js chrome app

Get it from the Chrome Webstore

Integrate with your OS

It is possible to create a simple wrapper for the app that allows you to open local .bpmn files.

Windows executable

Create a bpmn-io.bat file, i.e. on your desktop:

chrome --app-id=hhikcjnalmkhinbomccdibaolelcpjli $@

Hint: You can make this file the default application for opening *.bpmn files via Open With ....

Linux / Mac OS X executable

Create a bpmn-io executable, i.e. under /usr/local/bin:

chrome --app-id=hhikcjnalmkhinbomccdibaolelcpjli $@

Execute it as bpmn-io [bpmn-file] or drop elements from your file system on it.

Build from Sources

It is entirely possible to build the app from the sources.

Package + Run

To install the dependencies and build the app execute

npm install

Open the app in you browser via

chrome --load-and-launch-app="$(pwd)/dist" resources/simple.bpmn

Development Setup

To automatically recompile the app and open it in your browser execute

grunt auto-build

You may customize the chromium-based browser via the CHROME_BIN environment variable.