custom bower bundles

This example shows how to role your own customized Bower bundles of bpmn-js.

Note: This is an advanced topic.

In a nutshell

Use this project as a blue print. Set everything up via npm install.

Append your custom bundles (cf. index.js):

// load additional modules
var additionalModules = [

// add additional (default!) modules to viewer
BpmnViewer.prototype._modules = BpmnViewer.prototype._modules.concat(additionalModules);

Expose external dependencies as globals (cf. Gruntfile.js):

transform: [
  // ensure you expose all your external libraries via their global prefix
  // (jQuery -> window.$, ...)
  [ 'exposify', {
    global: true,
    expose: {
      sax: 'sax',
      snapsvg: 'Snap',
      lodash: '_',
      jquery: '$',
      'jquery-mousewheel': '$'
  } ]

Build bundle

grunt browserify:bower