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How to contribute

We love you to contribute to this project by filing bugs, helping others on the issue tracker, by contributing features/bug fixes through pull requests or by helping out in our forums.

Creating issues

We use our issue tracker for project communication. When using the issue tracker:

  • Be descriptive when creating an issue (what, where, when and how does a problem pop up)?
  • Attach steps to reproduce (if applicable)
  • Attach code samples, configuration options or stack traces that may indicate a problem
  • Be helpful and respect others when commenting

Create a pull request if you would like to have an in-depth discussion about some piece of code.

Setting up the project locally

The project development runs on top of the diagram-js master branch. The following code snippet sets up both libraries linking diagram-js to bpmn-js.


git clone
(cd diagram-js && npm i)

git clone
(cd bpmn-js && npm install && npm link ../diagram-js)

// Run the test suite

// Running the test suite with every file change
TEST_BROWSERS=(Chrome|Firefox|IE) grunt auto-test

Creating pull requests

We use pull requests for feature discussion and bug fixes. If you are not yet familiar on how to create a pull request, read this great guide.

Some things that make it easier for us to accept your pull requests

  • The code adheres to our conventions
    • spaces instead of tabs
    • single-quotes
    • ...
  • The code is tested
  • The grunt build passes (executes tests + linting)
  • The work is combined into a single commit
  • The commit messages adhere to our guideline

We'd be glad to assist you if you do not get these things right in the first place.