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Project Setup

This document describes the necessary steps to setup a bpmn-js development environment.


On Linux, OS X or Windows? git, NodeJS and npm ready? Check out the setup script section below.

Manual Steps

Make sure you have git, NodeJS, npm and Grunt installed before you continue.

Get Project + Dependencies

The following projects from the bpmn-io project on GitHub

and clone them into a common directory via

git clone
git clone
git clone

Link Projects

Link dependent projects between each other to pick up changes immediately.

│   └─node_modules
│       ├─diagram-js <link>
│       └─bpmn-moddle <link>

On OS X, Linux

Use npm-link or ln -s <target> <link>.

On Windows

Use mklink /d <link> <target> (docs).

Install Dependencies

Execute npm install on each of the projects to grab their dependencies.

Verify Things are O.K.

Execute npm run all on each project. Things should be fine.

Setup via Script

The whole setup can be automated through setup scripts for Linux/OS X and Windows.