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This is a set of tools for validating and comparing the test results collected by the BPMN Model Interchange Workging Group (BPMN MIWG) at the OMG.

Test Reports

One of the outputs of the BPMN MIWG tools is a set of Test Reports:

This work is licensed under the MIT License (see LICENSE.txt).

Setting up the development environment

The development environment is being set up as follows:

  1. First, clone the following repositories bmpm-miwig-test-suite and bpmn-miwg-tools
  2. In bpmn-mwig-test-suite:
    1. Run mvn clean install
  3. In bpmn-miwg-tools:
    1. Run mvn clean install
    2. Run mvn eclipse:eclipse
  4. Open the projects in eclipse

Personal access token

Some tests in bpmn-miwg-tools require a GitHub personal access token.

This can be passed as follows: -DgithubUser=USERNAME -DgithubToken=GITHUBTOKEN