Comparison of BMPN tools
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BPMN Tool Matrix

This is a comparison matrix for BPMN tools. It lists

  • Name
  • Creator
  • Platform/Operating System
  • BPMN Version
  • First Release Date
  • Latest Release Date
  • Software License (free, proprietary, Shareware, Open Source)

The matrix is filterable by free or Open Source tools and by platform (Cross-Platform, Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac).


All data is managed in the data.json file and can be modified accordingly. Each entry has to follow this structure:

    "Name": "Tool Name",
    "Version": "Tool Version",
    "URL": "Tool URL",
    "Creator": "Tool Creator",
    "Platform\/OS": "Short description of platform and/or operating systems",
    "OS": {
        "Cross-Platform": true|false,
        "Windows": true|false,
        "Mac": true|false,
        "Linux": true|false,
        "Unix": true|false
    "BPMN Version": "BPMN Version",
    "First Release": "First Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD)",
    "Latest Release": "Latest Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD)",
    "License": {
        "free": true|false,
        "proprietary": true|false,
        "Shareware": true|false,
        "Open Source": true|false


If you want to contribute to this repository –especially to the data.json file in order to update outdated entries or to add new ones–, feel free to Open an Issue or to Create a Pull Request.


Creative Commons License

BPMN Tool Matrix by Moritz Hesse is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Based on a work at