Symfony Bundle: Send WebPush Notifications to your users.
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Webpush Bundle

This bundle allows your app to leverage the Web Push protocol to send notifications to your users' devices, whether they're online or not.

With a small amount of code, you'll be able to associate your Symfony users to WebPush Subscriptions:

  • A single user can subscribe from multiple browsers/devices
  • Multiple users can subscribe from a single browser/device

This bundle uses your own persistence system (Doctrine or anything else) to manage these associations.

We assume you have a minimum knowledge of how Push Notifications work, otherwise we highly recommend you to read Matt Gaunt's Web Push Book.

Example Use cases

  • You have a todolist app - notify users they're assigned a task
  • You have an eCommerce app:
    • Notify your customer their order has been shipped
    • Notify your category manager they sell a product


  1. Installation
  2. The UserSubscription entity
  3. The UserSubscription manager
  4. Configure the bundle
  5. Enjoy!
  6. F.A.Q.

Getting started

This bundle is just the back-end part of the subscription process. For the front-end part, have a look at the webpush-client package.

Composer is your friend:

PHP7.1+ is required.

composer require bentools/webpush-bundle 0.4.*

If you're using Symfony 3, add the bundle to your kernel. With Symfony Flex, this should be done automatically.

⚠️ We aren't on stable version yet - expect some changes.

Generate your VAPID keys:

php bin/console webpush:generate:keys

You'll have to update your config with the given keys. We encourage you to store them in environment variables or in parameters.yml.

Next: Create your UserSubscription class






This bundle leverages the minishlink/web-push library.