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EventEmitter html checkboxes grouped and controlled with an optional master box in a sane and friendly way
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Module for sane checkbox handling. Create a bunch of html checkbox's and manage with EventEmitter events using checkbox state and value. Get a master checkbox which can check / uncheck all other checkboxes. The master checkbox automatically shows the proper indeterminant states. Can use with a single group, or multiple, each with their own master (each group is an event emitter instance). All checkboxes produced by a particular checkmates instance automatically have their class set to the groupID the checkmate function was instantiated with. The master has the additional CSS class of groupID-master.

Try Them!


var CheckMate = require('../.')

var result = document.querySelector('#result')
  , checks = document.querySelector('#checks')
  , checkgroup = []

 * Build 5 checkboxes in a group
var checker = CheckMate("groupA")

var i, check
var checked = true
for (i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
  check = checker.checkbox( 'value-' + i )

 * Set Master
var master = checker.master( 'value-master' )

checks.insertBefore(master, checks.childNodes[0])

 * Set some eventhandling
checker.on( 'checked', function (checkValue) {
  result.innerText = "checkbox " + checkValue + " checked"

checker.on( 'unchecked', function (checkValue) {
  result.innerText = "checkbox " + checkValue + " unchecked"

checker.on( 'all-checked', function () {
  result.innerText = "all checkboxes checked"

checker.on( 'none-checked', function () {
  result.innerText = "all checkboxes unchecked"


Create new group

group = Checkmate("groupID")

Create new checkbox

Create a checkbox part of group groupID checkbox = group.checkbox(value [, data]) where value is a String and is set to the html checkbox's value attribute. data is an optional arbitrary data object you can normally pass around with event emitters. Also checkbox html class is set to groupID

Create new master

Create a master checkbox for group groupID master = group.master(value [, data]) Master behaves as a checkbox but also if any checkboxes are set, the master is put into an indeterminate state. Clicking master in the indeterminate state will uncheck all checkboxes part of group groupID. Clicking master when nothing is checked will check all checkboxes part of group groupname including master. Master has the additional CSS class groupID-master. Creating a new master just overwrites the old master - and is as of yet, untested.

Checked Checkboxes

Often you want to know what checkboxes are checked, so you use the group.checked object. The keys are the value parameter and the values are the checkmate checkbox elements.


group.checkmates is an array of all the checkmate checkboxes part of group groupID.


group.checkall() does what it says. It checks all non-master checkmate checkboxes.


group.uncheckAll() unchecks all checked checkmate checkboxes. (say that five time quickly)

Remove all

group.removeAll() removes all checkboxes associated with group groupID properly. That is, it unchecks them first, removing them from group.checked before performing the remove on group.checkmates.


npm install checkmates


Write your code then do

browserify main.js -o bundle.js

and put bundle.js in your index.html see browserify

Works great with node-webkit

Just include it normally. Good for single-page apps



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