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B double-E double-R U N: Beer Run!
B double-E double-R U N: Beer Run!
All we need is a ten and a fiver,
A car and a key and a sober driver.
B double-E double-R U N: Beer Run!

-- Todd Snider, "Beer Run"

Beer Run

Each user nominates a prioritized list of their five favorite beers. Beer Run then uses a Borda count with truncated ballots and multiple winners to generate a list of beers prioritized for maximum average happiness amongst voters. Enough jargon for you? The point is, it makes an awesome list of everyone's favorite beers and you can buy beer that will make the group happy.


Mostly because after RailsConf 2011, we were excited to try out some new libraries we'd heard about and some Rails 3.1 features, so we thought up a simple app to play around with them.



  1. Fork it.
  2. Feature branch.
  3. Write test.
  4. Make test pass.
  5. Send pull request.
  6. Have a beer.
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