Code Written For Engine Yards SHA1 Hashing Contest.
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This is most of the code I wrote for Enginge Yard's July 2009 SHA1 Hashing Contest.  The consumer can do about 12M/keys/core (Xeon 2.33Ghz)

It uses Amazon's SQS for distributing the work units and results. 

The processor takes 32 64-character stems (the length of a single SHA1 block).  It appends the 5 extra character suffix to each of those stems in an attempt to find a low hamming distance.

This allows us to:

1. Only perform the message expansion phase of SHA1 once per 5 character suffix for each set of 32 stems.
2. Compute 4 hashes (1 suffix added to 4 different stems) at a time using SSE2 Vectorization.
3. Precompute some of the expanded message for the suffix blocks since we know what they will look like (always 5 characters)