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Namespace conflict ApnServer::Server::EM #5

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I've just upgraded to 0.2 and I'm facing a weird issue issue both on my dev and prod machines. When running apnserverd, I get :

"../lib/apnserver/server.rb:6:in `initialize': uninitialized constant ApnServer::Server::EM (NameError)"

This seems to say that when you call, it is appending this to the namespace it's in (module : ApnServer and class:Server). I can't figure out why...

Thanks for this gem and your help !


I moved around the requires to try and make event machine not a requirement, I probably broke it in the process. Are you launching it via the apnserverd script? Try and add:

gem 'event_machine'
require 'event_machine'

To the script to see if that solves the issue


Actually, omit the underbars in those statements as it seems 'event_machine' is pointed to an older version


Sorry, I was away from my laptop this weekend.
I just changed inserted :

require 'eventmachine'

in lib/apnserver/apnserver.rb (line 1) and it worked.
Thanks for your help !

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