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Found my Dotfiles!

bin/install to symlink dotfiles. will not symlink over existing stuff.

bin/fonts-install for powerline fonts

bin/vim-bundle for vim bundleage

bin/brew-install to install brew-cask and basic list of recipes and casks

If you want to change what gets installed, or add other stuff, knock yourself out and edit the installer files.

Depends on XCode or command line tools being installed. If you don't have either:

xcode-select --install

to get the command-line tools, then go ahead.

Et Cetera

etc directory contains

  • a few iTerm color schemes
  • a sample my.cnf file for MySQL to reduce its memory footprint on a dev box. Copy it to /etc/my.cnf to reduce memory usage by about 80%

TODO: Set a bunch of default OSX preferences in a script.