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Printbot Renacuajo

In this repository you will find the source files for the bq Printbot Renacuajo. If you are missing something, please do not hesitate to file an issue on github

En este repositorio se encuentran los ficheros fuente del Printbot Renacuajo de bq. Si echas en falta algo, no dudes en rellenar una tarea en github

Directory structure

  • freecad: Renacuajo source files in FreeCAD

  • stl: Parts exported to stl. Ready for printing

  • step: Parts exported to step format

  • images : Renacuajo images

  • renacuajo-BOM.ods: Bettle Bill of Materials. Document for LibreOffice.

Renacuajo Assembly in Freecad

In the Freecad folder there is an Assembly of the printbot Renacuajo. The source files for the vitamins (servos, board, nuts, bolts, etc) are available in the Freecad part library

All the source files for the parts in the assembly are available

Robopad++: Controlling the Robot from your android smartphone

The printbot Renacuajo can be controlled using your smartphone. You need a bluetooth module connected to the freaduino / Arduino board (or using the ZUM BT-328 which already include an embebbed bluetooth module)

Install the Robopad++ app available from the Google play store. It is open source, released under the GPL license. Check the robopad++ github

You can find more information on how to install and use this application in this Diwo post


This printbot is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Please read the LICENSE files for more details.

Este printbot tienen una licencia Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Por favor, lea los ficheros LICENSE para más detalles


  • Miguel Angel de Frutos (MAF): Original design
  • The wheels have been derived from the protobot, by Alverto Valero, Mario Almagro and Nieves Cubo
  • Pedro de Oro: Sniffer for the ZUM double-IR sensor
  • Ana de Prado: programming examples
  • Estefanía Sarasola: Robopad++ app
  • Juan Gonzalez (Obijuan): Migration to freecad. Assembly in Freecad
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