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Folk Heroes


Hello and welcome to Folk Heroes, an upcoming indie RPGenre bender designed and developed by yours truly.


Folk Heroes hopes to capture the placid joy of farming simulators like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, while maintaining the combative edge of action RPGs. The player will not only maintain a farm for aesthetics and income, their community depends on them for food--and defense...

What is a Folk Hero?

A Folk Hero is you! A Folk Hero is a hero! A Folk Hero is a villain? A Folk Hero is… ideally, whatever the player wants. A fairly blank slate of a character that is cast into a potentially grim but hopefully beautiful tale told by the player. At the beginning of each game, the player will choose a series of backstory options that determine their starting class, story options, and farm appearance--a la Tactics Ogre or Mount & Blade.

The Order of Folk Heroes is a loose organization of powerful adventurers that send members of their order to border towns, the de facto sheriffs of the frontier. Ideally, the player will be able to forge the hardened path of righteousness, or choose to follow the trail of wickedness. For starts, a linear story of doing good will suffice.

Okay... what does a Folk Hero do though?



The Folk of Shadow's Glen will rely on the player to provide sustenance for their village. Following the norm of farming games, the player will be able to sell their crops for money or in exchange for goods. However, the player will also need to be stockpiling food and supplies for the winter... when they will need everything they can scrounge.



But most of all, the Folk Hero must protect Shadow's Glen at all cost. Your predecessor fell in battle to defeat the wicked Avatar of last winter... will you live where they fell?

In addition to their own arsenal and badassery, the Folk Hero will have access to an ever-growing retinue of guards, robots, turrets, traps, and more. Perhaps, with enough preparation, the Folk of Shadow's Glen can know a relative peace once more.

Folk Heroes is a very early WIP, expect this page to grow with it



The changelog has been moved, and is now available here.


  • Tyler Brandt - Art, design, scripting - McWenker


This project is currently licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC license.



An action-strategy, role-playing game.






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