A macOS app for submitting radars
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Brisk is a macOS app for filing Radars and optionally crossposting them to Open Radar.

Brisk is written in Swift and uses Sonar to communicate with Apple's Radar web "APIs".

Brisk supports two factor auth, attachments, and saving radars as drafts.



There are a few different ways you can install Brisk:

  1. Download the latest packaged Brisk.app from the releases and copy it to your Applications directory
  2. Using brew-cask with brew cask install brisk
  3. Clone the repo and run make install


Build Brisk locally:

$ make build

To just install the dependencies, and then build in Xcode:

$ make dependencies
$ open -a Xcode .

To build and install Brisk to your /Applications directory:

$ make install


Anteater icon by Samantha Broccoli from Raizlabs.