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This was created at the Heritage Preserve hackfest, at NZ National Library, 2014-06-13.

  • Reads Newztel broadcast logs (varying file formats)
  • inserts the contents into an elastic search.
  • Parse facets from the text, e.g. date, speaker, source (e.g. RNZ)
  • escalates unexpected file contents to errors

This is proof of concept only.

Supported Formats

  • txt
  • doc
  • rtf
  • wpd (some of them)


Elastic search running on local host

How to see the data we indexed

I used the html ui here:

What Next?

We used elastic search, but the end goal is to send to DigitalNZ

Each file read has a "PID". There is a spreadsheet that maps the filename to the PID. A URL for each file can be calculated from the PID.

A standalone search app (bottle???) might be next.