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Djrill is an email backend and new message class for Django users that want to take advantage of the Mandrill transactional email service from MailChimp.

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Use `override_settings` rather than mucking with settings in tests

Second attempt to address possible test sequencing issue around tests that alter settings. (Failures in Travis tests not reproducible locally.)

Back-ports override_settings from Django 1.4 for compatibility with Django 1.3.
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Djrill: Mandrill Transactional Email for Django

Djrill integrates the Mandrill transactional email service into Django.

In general, Djrill "just works" with Django's built-in django.core.mail package. It includes:

  • Support for HTML, attachments, extra headers, and other features of Django's built-in email
  • Mandrill-specific extensions like tags, metadata, tracking, and MailChimp templates
  • Optional support for Mandrill inbound email and other webhook notifications, via Django signals
  • An optional Django admin interface

Djrill is released under the BSD license. It is tested against Django 1.3---1.7b1 (including Python 3 support with Django 1.5+).

build status on Travis-CI


Djrill 1-2-3

  1. Install Djrill from PyPI:

    $ pip install djrill
  2. Edit your project's

    MANDRILL_API_KEY = "<your Mandrill key>"
    EMAIL_BACKEND = "djrill.mail.backends.djrill.DjrillBackend"
  3. Now the regular Django email functions will send through Mandrill:

    from django.core.mail import send_mail
    send_mail("It works!", "This will get sent through Mandrill",
        "Djrill Sender <>", [""])

    You could send an HTML message, complete with custom Mandrill tags and metadata:

    from django.core.mail import EmailMultiAlternatives
    msg = EmailMultiAlternatives(
        subject="Djrill Message",
        body="This is the text email body",
        from_email="Djrill Sender <>",
        to=["Recipient One <>", ""],
        headers={'Reply-To': "Service <>"} # optional extra headers
    msg.attach_alternative("<p>This is the HTML email body</p>", "text/html")
    # Optional Mandrill-specific extensions:
    msg.tags = ["one tag", "two tag", "red tag", "blue tag"]
    msg.metadata = {'user_id': "8675309"}
    # Send it:

See the full documentation for more features and options.

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