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Calculate is a Mac OS X dashboard widget for evaluating math expressions.

How it works

Calculate has a custom ANTLR grammar similar to JavaScript, but with the following changes:

  • ^ and ** are power operators.
  • >< is the xor operator.
  • ! is factorial.
  • Binary literals: 0b101010.
  • Octal literals: 0o52.
  • Numbers with leading zeros are treated as decimal literals, not octal.
  • After parsing the input to a grammar tree, it emits the tree to standard JavaScript source code, and executes it using eval().

Building from source

The source is organized as an Ant-based NetBeans project. (NetBeans isn't required - you just need Apache Ant.) Requires Mac OS X, of course.


  • ANTLR by Terence Parr.
  • EMCAScript grammar by Patrick Hulsmeijer.
  • Emitter code based on JavaEmitter by Andy Tripp.