Arduino RFID reader component (Honolulu AT&T Hackathon 2017)
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AT&T Hackathon Honolulu 2017 Entry — Won Most Technically Challenging Implementation!

RFID reader in action (via @aisis)

Arduino output in Slack, and dashboard art


Standard assembly of an Arduino Uno (WiFi, this case), Adafruit PN532 RFID/NFC reader/writer shield, and an Adafruit RGB LCD shield. Shields for convenience and speed, because we are noob. We used totally-insecure MIFARE 1K cards to play with. Much of the basic structure of MIFARE 1K cards can be learned via the mifareclassic_memdump sketch in the Adafruit PN532 library, and the MIFARE byte layout diagram.


  1. Put together the Arduino module
    • Align the pinouts of the PN532 to the Arduino Uno, and connect it with a set of stacking headers. Later sauter these headers to the PN532 shield.
    • Assemble and sauter together the RGB LCD shield: resistors, buttons, potentiometer, MCP23017, LCD display.
    • Align the LCD shield to the stacked headers of the PN532 shield (sans 2 pins), and sauter a row of male headers to the LCD shield.
    • Connect the PN532 shield on top of the Arduino Uno, then connect the RGB LCD shield on top of the PN532 shield.
  2. Install the Arduino IDE
  3. Burn sketches to the Arduino

See the sibling repo: