A collection of PDF::Reader based analysis classes for inspecting PDF output. Mainly used for testing Prawn, but will work with any PDF.
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PDF::Inspector : A tool for analyzing PDF output

This library provides a number of PDF::Reader[0] based tools for use in testing
PDF output.  Presently, the primary purpose of this tool is to support the 
tests found in Prawn[1], a pure Ruby PDF generation library.

However, it may be useful to others, so we have made it available on Github[2]

Questions can be directed to the Prawn mailing list[3], but please remember
that this code is not necessarily suitable for production and has no officially
planned release date.  

That having been said, patches are welcome!

[0] http://github.com/yob/pdf-reader                                         
[1] http://github.com/sandal/prawn                                           
[2] http://github.com/sandal/pdf-inspector              
[3] http://groups.google.com/group/prawn-ruby