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A test suite demonstrating TDD with Nova
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Testing Nova

This project is to show examples of my approach to testing Nova. This app is TDD, so all functionality should have a corresponding test. Tests are broken up into the the Feature directory under Nova and by model from there.

There is also an API that was utilized for front end access, so the example code of how I went about that is also in this project.

Project Overview

This is an app I made for a customer that required a dropbox style application with some custom fucntionality. Some of functionality has been scrubbed due to proprietary processes, as well as code being stripped due to premium themes, etc. What is left is a Nova code base focusing on:

  • Projects, they can have:
    • Files and Email Addresses
  • Email Addresses have an action to be notified they have access to a project
  • Email Addresses can receive an email with a signed URL
  • Signed URLs can be used to see and download files
  • Email Addresses can upload files back to the UI

Nova has administration screens for each model, actions, and relationships described above.


  1. Clone the repo
  2. Run cp .env.example .env
  3. Drop Nova into the project root at /nova (tested up to Nova release 1.0.12)
  4. Run composer install
  5. Run php artisan key:generate
  6. Run php artisan nova:install
  7. Run vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit from this directory

Homestead is installed per project here and can be run to view the UI if desired.

  1. Follow these instructions
  2. Run vagrant up

There is also one Dusk test to test the one front end interface.

  1. Follow the Homestead instructions above, and make sure vagrant is running
  2. Update .env with your database connection
  3. Run php artisan dusk

Seeds are available in this repo to get you going

  1. Run php artisan migrate:refresh --seed

The default Nova login generated by the seeder is:

U: P: Af2URF2oCp

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