Braden's Stuff

This is for hosting experiments and projects that have been superseded.

  • Generates passwords

    C 1 Updated May 22, 2018
  • generates a table of integers. Columns are: unsigned, signed, hexadecimal, binary, and sign bit

    C Updated Aug 1, 2016
  • An experiment with the ppm image file format

    C Updated Oct 15, 2015
  • This is a collection of the rest of my projects. These are small projects.

    C Updated Apr 19, 2014
  • JavaScript Updated Apr 13, 2014
  • an archive of my old projects site at koding (when it was in private beta)

    JavaScript Updated Apr 9, 2014
  • Shell scripts I have written for one purpose or another

    Shell Updated Apr 5, 2014
  • This was the predecessor to balance (https://github.com/bradenbest/balance)

    C Updated Mar 20, 2014
  • My first C project, ever.

    C Updated Mar 16, 2014
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