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Rethinking Go's HTTP client

This repository explores redesigning the API for the Go language's net/http Client and Transport.

Initially, though, it collects problems with the current API. The actual solution has not yet been designed.


What's wrong with Go's HTTP client?

See the list of problems.

Or see the overview presentation for the problems in a different format.

What about the Server?

This repo does not aim to address the server side of the net/http package. The server half is in better shape than the client, and it's also easier to fix the client half without fragmenting the ecosystem. Changing the Server interface needs to be done much more carefully.

But even long term, it's almost certainly best for the client and server to live in separate packages. They might share some types & code from shared HTTP package(s).

Who's leading this effort?

Brad Fitzpatrick, @bradfitz. I've owned the net/http package for over 8 years and have plenty of gripes about it. I welcome all input. If we're going to finally change it, we should get it right, so there's no need to rush this process.


This repo is temporary and doesn't accept PRs and issues are disabled. It will move at some point to Go's repos with Go's bots and policies.

For now, discuss at

What's the plan?


  • Iterate on the API & godoc repeatedly until it looks right (with a fake, panic("TODO")-only implementation)
  • Discuss, revise.
  • Add a temporary implementation (likely inefficient), wrapping the existing net/http Client.
  • Port code to use it. See if we're still happy.
  • Discuss, revise.
  • Copy net/http and code into httpclient (likely several packages).
  • Benchmark, tune, revise API as needed.
  • Redo the "legacy" net/http and client APIs as wrappers around httpclient

Of course, this is all up for debate.


experimental new HTTP client API for #golang (WIP)



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