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This program intelligently mirrors an entire FotoBilder account (all
galleries & pictures).  FotoBilder is the software the runs
LiveJournal's photo galleries, and previously ran picpix.com, which is
now apparently shutting down.

This tool fetches public galleries & photos only when passwords
aren't handy.

If you have the passwords, you should probably use the fotoup.pl
(found elsewhere) and its --backup mode, which uses the authenticated
fotobilder API.


* Install Go (from http://golang.org/)

$ export GOROOT=/path/to/your/go/root
$ make
$ ./spiegel --help

Usage of ./spiegel:
  -base="": e.g. http://www.picpix.com/username (no trailing slash)
  -concurrency=20: Max concurrent requests
  -dest="": Destination backup root
  -sloppy=false: Continue on errors