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mostynb and bradfitz Describe the meaning of 0 for Touch()'s seconds parameter (#82)
This is mentioned in the Expiration field of the Item struct (no
expiration time), but not in the notes about the Touch function.
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This is a memcache client library for the Go programming language (http://golang.org/).


Using go get

$ go get github.com/bradfitz/gomemcache/memcache

After this command gomemcache is ready to use. Its source will be in:



import (

func main() {
     mc := memcache.New("", "", "")
     mc.Set(&memcache.Item{Key: "foo", Value: []byte("my value")})

     it, err := mc.Get("foo")

Full docs, see:

See https://godoc.org/github.com/bradfitz/gomemcache/memcache

Or run:

$ godoc github.com/bradfitz/gomemcache/memcache