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Chip-8 emulator written in Go
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bag of chippys

Welcome to Chippy 👋

Using go version 1.14 Go Report Card License: MIT

Chippy is a CHIP-8 emulator that runs Chip-8 public domain roms. The Chip 8 actually never was a real system, but more like a virtual machine (VM) developed in the 70’s by Joseph Weisbecker. Games written in the Chip 8 language could easily run on systems that had a Chip 8 interpreter.

Audio beeps currently not working

Current sources:


go install

I am still getting a bunch of deprecation warnings when building. If you see those warnings just ignore them.

The screen uses CGO which isn't supported by go-releaser :( which means unfortunately I don't have a nice releases section with binaries for multiple systems.



Default clock speed: 60Hz

chippy run roms/pong.ch8

Set clock speed with flag

chippy run roms/pong.ch8 --refresh=300


chippy version


chippy help



Space Invaders


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IBM Logo

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