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Style Guide Guide

Style Guide Guide is a boilerplate for creating a custom style guide for your organization's design system. It provides just enough IA and hooks to get you going. As a bonus, I've provided links to helpful resources and inspiration to help you as you create your own custom style guide.

See the demo here

How it works

Style Guide Guide is built using Jekyll, a static site generator which works quite well for managing the content of a style guide.

The tool can consume and display components from anywhere, but in my own workflow we import patterns from Pattern Lab into Style Guide Guide for display. For more info, check out this blog post (coming soon for now).

Getting Started

  1. Download or clone the files from the repository on Github.
  2. In the command line, navigate to the root of the project and run the jekyll serve command. This will build the static site and watch for changes.
  3. Visit in your browser to see the style guide.

From here, obviously the point is to customize the style guide for your needs and populate it with your content and components.

Importing components and assets from Pattern Lab

Coming soon!

Feedback and Questions

If you have questions or issues with Style Guide Guide, please feel free to open an issue. If your organization is creating a design system and style guide and would like some help taking it to the next level, feel free to get in touch!