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❔ Ask Me Anything

🗣 Ask Questions 👓 Read Answers

Answering questions via email provides value to only one person. Ask me anything here so everyone can benefit!

📺 Livestreams

Every Monday @ 10PM CT I answer these questions live on Twitch!
Afterwards I open the floor to chat and answer any additional questions.

🔔 Get Notified

Watch the repository to be notified when your question is answered.

📍 Find Me

You can find me on the internet in a few other places.

👥 Ask Them Anything

Lots of other awesome people have AMAs.
Ask someone else a question!

🕺🏼 Create Your Own

Think this is awesome? Want to make your own? Do it!

🎞 Credit

Inspired by @kentcdodds.
Originated from @sindresorhus.


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