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Here is a complete list of DOOM Retro’s console commands (CCMDs).

1. alias alias [["]command[; command ..."]] Creates an alias that executes a string of commands.
2. bind control [+action|["]command[; command ..."]] Binds an action or string of commands to a control.1
3. bindlist Shows a list of bound controls.
4. clear Clears the console.
5. cmdlist [searchstring] Shows a list of console commands.
6. condump [filename.txt] Dumps the console to a file.
7. cvarlist [searchstring] Shows a list of console variables.
8. endgame Ends a game.
9. exec filename Executes a series of commands stored in a file.
10. exitmap Exits the current map.
11. fastmonsters [on|off] Toggles fast monsters.
12. freeze [on|off] Toggles freeze mode.
13. give ammo|armor|health|keys|weapons|all|item Gives ammo, armor, health, keys, weapons, or all or certain items to the player.
14. god [on|off] Toggles god mode.
15. help Opens the DOOM Retro Wiki.
16. if CVAR value then ["]command[; command ..."] If a CVAR equals a value then execute a string of commands.
17. kill player|all|monster|barrels|missiles Kills the player, all monsters, a type of monster, or explodes all barrels or missiles.
18. load Loads a game from a file.
19. map ExMy|MAPxy|first|previous|next|last|random Warps to a map.
20. maplist Shows a list of the maps in the currently loaded WADs.
21. mapstats Shows statistics about the current map.
22. newgame Starts a new game.
23. noclip [on|off] Toggles no clipping mode.
24. nomonsters [on|off] Toggles the presence of monsters in maps.2
25. notarget [on|off] Toggles monsters not seeing the player as a target.
26. pistolstart [on|off] Toggles the player starting each map with 100% health, no armor, and only a pistol and 50 bullets.2
27. play soundeffect|music Plays a sound effect or music lump.
28. playerstats Shows statistics about the player.
29. print "message" Prints a player message.
30. quit Quits DOOM Retro.
31. regenhealth [on|off] Toggles regenerating the player’s health when below 100%.
32. reset CVAR Resets a CVAR to its default.
33. resetall Resets all CVARs to their defaults.
34. respawnitems [on|off] Toggles respawning items.
35. respawnmonsters [on|off] Toggles respawning monsters.
36. restartmap Restarts the current map.
37. resurrect Resurrects the player.
38. save Saves the game to a file.
39. spawn monster|item Spawns a monster or item.
40. teleport x y Teleports the player to (x,y) in the current map.
41. thinglist Shows a list of things in the current map.
42. timer minutes Sets a time limit on each map.
43. unbind control|+action Unbinds the action from a control.
44. vanilla [on|off] Toggles vanilla mode.3

+alwaysrun, +automap, +back, +clearmark, +console, +fire, +followmode, +forward, +grid, +jump, +left, +mark, +maxzoom, +menu, +mouselook, +nextweapon, +prevweapon, +right, +rotatemode, +run, +screenshot, +strafe, +strafeleft, +straferight, +use, +weapon1 to +weapon7, +zoomin, +zoomout

0 to 9, a to z, -, +, =, backspace, tab, [, enter, ], ctrl, ;, ', shift, capslock, \, ,, ., /, alt, space, scrolllock, printscreen, home, up, pageup, left, right, end, down, pagedown, insert, delete, escape
mouse1 to mouse8, wheelup, wheeldown
dpadup, dpaddown, dpadleft, dpadright, start, back, leftthumb, rightthumb, leftshoulder, rightshoulder, lefttrigger, righttrigger, gamepad1 to gamepad4

armorbonus, backpack, barrel, berserk, bfg9000, bloodymess1, bloodymess2, bluearmor, bluekeycard, blueskullkey, boxofbullets, boxofrockets, boxofshells, burningbarrel, candelabra, candelstick, cell, cellpack, chaingun, chainsaw, clip, computerareamap, deadcacodemon, deaddemon, deadimp, deadplayer, deadshotgunguy, deadzombieman, evileye, fiveskullsshishkebab, floatingskullrock, floorlamp, greenarmor, hangingleg, hanginglegblocking, hangingpairoflegs, hangingpairoflegsblocking, hangingtorsobrainremoved, hangingtorsolookingdown, hangingtorsolookingup, hangingtorsoopenskull, hangingvictimarmsout, hangingvictimarmsoutblocking, hangingvictimgutsandbrainsremoved, hangingvictimgutsremoved, hangingvictimonelegged, hangingvictimoneleggedblocking, hangingvictimtwitching, hangingvictimtwitchingblocking, healthbonus, impaledhuman, invulnerability, largebrowntree, lightamplificationvisor, medikit, megasphere, partialinvisibility, pileofskullsandcandles, plasmarifle, poolofblood, poolofbloodandbones, poolofbloodandguts, poolofbrains, radiationshieldingsuit, redkeycard, redskullkey, rocket, rocketlauncher, shortbluefirestick, shortgreencolumn, shortgreencolumnwithbeatingheart, shortgreenfirestick, shortredcolumn, shortredcolumnwithskull, shortredfirestick, shorttechnofloorlamp, shotgun, shotgunshells, skullonapole, soulsphere, stalagmite, stimpack, supershotgun, tallbluefirestick, tallgreencolumn, tallgreenfirestick, tallredcolumn, tallredfirestick, talltechnofloorlamp, talltechnopillar, torchedtree, twitchingimpaledhuman, yellowkeycard, yellowskullkey

arachnotron, archvile, baronofhell, cacodemon, commanderkeen, cyberdemon, demon, heavyweapondude, hellknight, iconofsin, imp, lostsoul, mancubus, painelemental, revenant, shotgunguy, spectre, spidermastermind, wolfensteinss, zombieman

sound effects
dspistol, dsshotgn, dssgcock, dsdshtgn, dsdbopn, dsdbcls, dsdbload, dsplasma, dsbfg, dssawup, dssawidl, dssawful, dssawhit, dsrlaunc, dsrxplod, dsfirsht, dsfirxpl, dspstart, dspstop, dsdoropn, dsdorcls, dsstnmov, dsswtchn, dsswtchx, dsplpain, dsdmpain, dspopain, dsvipain, dsmnpain, dspepain, dsslop, dsitemup, dswpnup, dsoof, dstelept, dsposit1, dsposit2, dsposit3, dsbgsit1, dsbgsit2, dssgtsit, dscacsit, dsbrssit, dscybsit, dsspisit, dsbspsit, dskntsit, dsvilsit, dsmansit, dspesit, dssklatk, dssgtatk, dsskepch, dsvilatk, dsclaw, dsskeswg, dspldeth, dspdiehi, dspodth1, dspodth2, dspodth3, dsbgdth1, dsbgdth2, dssgtdth, dscacdth, dsskldth, dsbrsdth, dscybdth, dsspidth, dsbspdth, dsvildth, dskntdth, dspedth, dsskedth, dsposact, dsbgact, dsdmact, dsbspact, dsbspwlk, dsvilact, dsnoway, dsbarexp, dspunch, dshoof, dsmetal, dschgun, dstink, dsbdopn, dsbdcls, dsitmbk, dsflame, dsflamst, dsgetpow, dsbospit, dsboscub, dsbossit, dsbospn, dsbosdth, dsmanatk, dsmandth, dssssit, dsssdth, dskeenpn, dskeendt, dsskeact, dsskesit, dsskeatk, dsradio, dsdgsit, dsdgatk, dsdgact, dsdgdth, dsdgpain, dssecret

d_e1m1, d_e1m2, d_e1m3, d_e1m4, d_e1m5, d_e1m6, d_e1m7, d_e1m8, d_e1m9, d_e2m1, d_e2m2, d_e2m3, d_e2m4, d_e2m5, d_e2m6, d_e2m7, d_e2m8, d_e2m9, d_e3m1, d_e3m2, d_e3m3, d_e3m4, d_e3m5, d_e3m6, d_e3m7, d_e3m8, d_e3m9, d_inter, d_intro, d_bunny, d_victor, d_introa, d_runnin, d_stalks, d_countd, d_betwee, d_doom, d_the_da, d_shawn, d_ddtblu, d_in_cit, d_dead, d_stlks2, d_theda2, d_doom2, d_ddtbl2, d_runni2, d_dead2, d_stlks3, d_romero, d_shawn2, d_messag, d_count2, d_ddtbl3, d_ampie, d_theda3, d_adrian, d_messg2, d_romer2, d_tense, d_shawn3, d_openin, d_evil, d_ultima, d_read_m, d_dm2ttl, d_dm2int

1Not all actions can be bound to all controls.
2Using this CCMD won’t be effective until the next map.
3Changes to any CVARs aren’t saved to doomretro.cfg while vanilla mode is enabled.

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