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You can play DOOM Retro using the keyboard and/or mouse, or a gamepad. Many of the controls can be reconfigured by using the bind CCMD in DOOM Retro’s console.

Here’s a list of the default keyboard controls:

CONTROL                              ACTION
ESC Opens the menu.
TAB Opens the automap.
~ Opens the console.
F1 Opens the help screen.
F2 Opens the Save Game menu.
F3 Opens the Load Game menu.
F4 Opens the Sound Volume menu.
F5 Toggles the graphic detail low/high.
F6 Quicksaves a game.
F7 Ends a game.
F8 Toggles player messages on/off.
F9 Quickloads a game.
F10 and ALT + F4 Quits DOOM Retro.
F11 and SHIFT + F11 Changes the gamma correction level.
PAUSE Pauses the game.
PRINTSCREEN Takes a screenshot.
ALT + ENTER Toggles between windowed and fullscreen modes.
/ + Decreases/increases the screen size. Toggles widescreen mode with/without a HUD.
1 Equips the fists/chainsaw1.
2 Equips the pistol.
3 Equips the shotgun/super shotgun2.
4 Equips the chaingun.
5 Equips the rocket launcher.
6 Equips the plasma rifle3.
7 Equips the BFG-90003.
and W Moves forward.
and D Moves back.
Turns left.
Turns right.
SHIFT + / / / Runs.
CAPSLOCK Toggles always running when moving.
ALT + / / / Strafes.
A and , Strafes left.
D and . Strafes right.
CTRL Fires the currently equipped weapon.
SPACE and E Uses a switch or door.

Moving the mouse left and right will turn the player, and while holding down the ALT key will cause the player to strafe. There is no forward or back mouse movement by default. The left mouse button is used to fire, and the mouse wheel may be used to select the next/previous weapon.

The mouse may be used to look up and down by enabling the mouselook CVAR in the console.

DOOM Retro supports modern XInput and DirectInput gamepads such as the Microsoft Xbox Elite or Sony PlayStation DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controllers. Gamepads can be connected at any time, even once a game has started. XInput gamepads will vibrate when the player is injured or fires a weapon.

1The chainsaw replaces the fists once it is picked up. Only once the player has also picked up the berserk power-up are they able to switch between their fists and the chainsaw until the map ends.
2The super shotgun is only available in DOOM II and Final DOOM.
3The plasma rifle and BFG-9000 are not available in DOOM Shareware.

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