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Updated forgot password doc.
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commit a0f7378db6da0b987125fd0e70979bbcb28d9cba 1 parent cc46ad3
Bradley Herman authored

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@@ -192,6 +192,8 @@ Email parameter is mandatory.
192 192
 If requesting json, redirect_url will be ignored.  If non-json and redirect_url, the request will be treated as html and redirect to the specified url.
193 193
 If no params, it will be treated as an html request, but only return a status code of 200 for success or 404 for error (which could be an inability to find the email or any other error).
194 194
+If the response is a success, it kicks off the forgot_password email job.
195 197
 <a name="front_lead_articles"></a>
196 198
197 199
 GET /api/front/lead_articles.json

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