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Android Charting Library
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descharts name logo

What is desCharts?
yet another android charting library

Why the name desCharts?
a tribute to René Descartes, father of analytical geometry

Where is the manual?
go to the desCharts wiki pages

Show me the pics!

XY chart Styled XY chart
XY chart Styled XY chart
Line chart Stacked Line chart
Line chart Stacked Line chart
Bar chart Stacked Bar chart
Bar chart Stacked Bar chart

Show me the code!!

        android:layout_height="200dp" />
      // create FIRST serie
      StyledChartPointSerie rr = new StyledChartPointSerie(2);
      rr.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint(-90, 99,0xff99cc00,0xffeeeeee));
      rr.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint(-49, 80,0xffff4444,0xffffcccc));
      rr.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint( -5,180,0xff99cc00,0xffeeff99));
      rr.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint( 17, 99,0xffffbb33,0xffffee99));
      rr.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint( 54, 80,0xff33bbee,0xffeeeeee));
      rr.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint(125,120,0xff99cc00,0xffeeeeee));
      rr.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint(158, 20,0xffff4444,0xffeeeeee));
      rr.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint(209, 50,0xffff4444,0xffffcccc));
      rr.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint(297,109,0xff33bbee,0xff99ddff));
      // create SECOND serie
      StyledChartPointSerie gg = new StyledChartPointSerie(2);
      gg.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint( 17,-10,Color.BLACK,Color.TRANSPARENT,0xffff8800,5));
      gg.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint( 54, 20,Color.BLACK,Color.TRANSPARENT,0xffcc0000,5));
      gg.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint(125,-50,Color.BLACK,Color.TRANSPARENT,0xff669900,5));
      gg.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint(158, 89,Color.BLACK,Color.TRANSPARENT,Color.GRAY,8));
      gg.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint(209, 20,Color.BLACK,Color.TRANSPARENT,Color.GRAY,4));
      gg.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint(217,Float.NaN,Color.BLACK,Color.TRANSPARENT,Color.GRAY,4));
      gg.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint(250, 99,Color.BLACK,Color.TRANSPARENT,Color.GRAY,4));
      gg.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint(261, 75,Color.BLACK,Color.TRANSPARENT,Color.GRAY,4));
      gg.addPoint(new StyledChartPoint(295, 33,Color.BLACK,Color.TRANSPARENT,Color.GRAY,4));
      // add lines to chart

Credits and Acknowledgements

Author : Sid Bradipao (

Thanks to : Daniel Nadeau, I learned how to create a custom chart view studying his HoloGraphLibrary, a wonderful android charting library, then I decided to write a library from scratch... just for fun. :)


Copyright 2014 Bradipao (

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
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