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RadialMenu is a custom control for providing a touch context menu (like iMessage recording in iOS 8) built with Swift & POP
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Looking for help? For $150/hr I'll help with your RadialMenu problems including integrating it into your project. Email to get started!

Experimental Software: Fun to play with, but probably shouldn't put it in production (yet).

RadialMenu is a custom control that allows you to provide a context menu to a user on a touch screen (generally after a long press). This is similar to the record functionality Apple introduced for iMessage in iOS 8.

Here's an example of the iMessage menu recreated, taken from the demo app:

iMessage RadialMenu Custom Control Example

You can create your own custom menus as well

Custom RadialMenu Control Example

Plus it's built with Facebook POP, so it's very flexible!

Read the blog entry at for more information.


Copy the source files from the RadialMenu/ directory into your project.

How to use?

There are two examples provided which show how to use the control in detail (download and run the Xcode project). At a highlevel:

// Create a radial submenu (it's just a UIView subclass)
let subMenuRed = RadialSubMenu(frame: frameOfSubMenu)
subMenuRed.userInteractionEnabled = true
subMenuRed.layer.cornerRadius = subMenuRadius
subMenuRed.layer.backgroundColor = UIColor.redColor()
subMenuRed.layer.borderColor = UIColor.blackColor()
subMenuRed.layer.borderWidth = 1
subMenuRed.tag = tag

// Create multiple submenus and assign to array
let subMenus = [subMenuRed, subMenuBlue, ...]

// Initialize the radial menu
let radialMenu = RadialMenu(menus: subMenus, radius: menuRadius) =
radialMenu.openDelayStep = 0.05
radialMenu.closeDelayStep = 0.00
radialMenu.minAngle = 180
radialMenu.maxAngle = 360
radialMenu.activatedDelay = 1.0
radialMenu.backgroundView.alpha = 0.0

// Setup event handlers for specific actions
radialMenu.onOpen = {
    // menu has opened

radialMenu.onHighlight = { subMenu in
    // perform highlight change

radialMenu.onActivate = { subMenu in
    // did select subMenu

// Setup menu to show when pressing a button
let longPress = UILongPressGestureRecognizer(target: self, action: "pressedButton:")

// Gesture handler can react to menu in different ways depending what you want
// (for example, keeping the menu open if nothing is selected)
func pressedButton(gesture:UIGestureRecognizer) {
    switch(gesture.state) {
        case .Began:
        case .Ended:
        case .Changed:


  • Documentation
  • Convert to NSControl sublcass
  • Figure out CocoaPods/framework distribution for Swift
  • Fix other FIXME's & TODO's in source code



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